A ‘Proper’ Camera

I have a new friend. I’ve wanted us to be friends for a long time and now we’ve met, I am a bit intimidated. I have a new camera.

Various moons have aligned and it has come to pass that I am now the owner of a ‘proper’ camera. A DSLR with a million settings and fat lens.


It is daunting. I am skirting around it. Almost every photo I’ve taken thus far is pants. I want my new camera to stretch me. To make me think. I want to learn. I want us to be friends and not just exist on automatic settings (no pressure then).

I’ve blown opportunities to take photos by allowing Mr Noo (he who has barely picked up a camera in an age, but who is a competent photographer) to play with it.

He has had a very enjoyable weekend happily snapping, while I watched, moodily, from the sidelines. Like the girl who wasn’t picked for the netball team.

Mr Noo can explain the technical side, if only I could actually understand what he is saying. Previously, I was OK with composition, via my iphone, but it has deserted me.

Top tips anyone?


  1. Mary

    Aha! I thought as much from your Silent Sunday! Which was definitely not pants. Just keep using it till you’re not scared of it is the best place to start. Then the skies the limit!

    1. helloitsgemma

      Sadly, I have to report the Silent Sunday was taken earlier last week, before the new camera arrived. It was taken with our video camera, which has a zoom and photo setting (we never use photo setting and it is fiddly) – but it turned out to be much better quality than we expected. :/

  2. Plum

    Find a local beginners course. I did years ago when I first got mine and it was the best way to learn – as they take you through what the different settings mean and give you challenges to practice. Of course, 6 years on I’ve forgotten a lot of it…but at the time it was really useful :o)

  3. Funkybump Maternity (@LuvUrFunkybump)

    Stick with it, it’ll be worth it on the end. I highly recommend reading the Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby (vol 1&2). They’re a great read as well as being full of all the information you need.

    Good luck!

  4. Jenny from Cheetahs In My Shoes

    That looks very much like my ‘proper’ camera. I’ve resorted to the printed press and started buying Digital Camera magazine – it takes me a couple of reads of each article to get my head around the idea but seem to be able to take better pictures all the time. They also do handy cards with settings that you can take with you. Give me a shout if I can help x

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