These Are My Knees


Although it’s cool off a bit, it is turning out to be a perfect summer. I am never going to complaint that it is too hot. I love the heat. I love being barefoot. I love waking up to heat. I love long evenings outside languishing as the day cools off a little. I don’t mind sweating, those closest too me may have a different opinion. The heat of early July is gone and mostly it is about warm, sunny days.

This stretch of weather is how summer should be. I am the Queen of Cardigans. Never normally without one. I have thrown off this shackles of warm wool in my bag, left behind my just-in-cardigan-case mentality. I have discovered tops that I’d forgotten I owned. Hello skimpy vests.

In a state of severe weather depression, last (what?) summer, I ‘charity shopped’ my summer skirts, which is disappointing, at the time considered pointless space fillers. I still own reliable all-weather denim skirts and this summer has seen the return to the light of day of my knees. Ta dah!

Previously, hidden and under trousers or black tights, considered one of my less flattering aspects, the knees are back. I have even spent £20 in the sales on an above the knee dress, un-heard of in past years. The knees are out and they are proud.

Factor 50 and summer bronzing body lotion are my closest allies. Speaking as someone over 40 let me share my wisdom. People under 30; a tan on your face is only flattering at the time and that is a short time. In the long-term nothing lines your skin like too much sun, except fags, obviously. Smoking while sunbathing might be relaxing now but at 40 the skin that greets you in the morning really wishes you had worn sunblock and given up smoking. ‘irreversibly knackered’ would sum it up.

Pale is lovely, but I need something to ward off the paste colour. Why does bronzing lotion gather in a small dark patch just below the knee? Those knees are making a come back and there is an annoying bit where bronzer gathers.

I have a new lease of summer loving. I feel inspired to plan for summer and not feel the need for a plan B in case of, I can’t even type the word, four letters begins with ‘r’ ends in ‘n’ (you know what I mean). So my knees are out and summer is to be enjoyed.

Parenting seems so much more achievable in the sunshine, my small boy is better outside of four walls, with space to make noise and run, be that the park or the beach.

We’ve had trips to the Mendips, Camp Bestival picnics and days out. This week we are off to Lollibop. Currently, there is so much I want to do and not enough summer available. What about you? Have you got your knees out?


  1. Mary

    I was actually going to write a post about my knees this week! How weird. Mine are actually currently ridiculously scratched and cut from limestone tufa wrestling at the weekend. I´ll tweet you a picture for a laugh. Looking more like those of an 8 year old boy than a respectable 42 year old woman. Sigh. Short dresses will never be my friend. So glad you´re having such a lovely summer. It´s heavenly isn´t it? x

  2. Ben

    This weather is good for the soul isn’t it? Although every time we get a long spell of warm weather I always realise how bad most UK houses are designed to deal with it.

    1. helloitsgemma

      Our houses seem badly designed for the cold as well as the hot, in my experience. Given that half the year the days are short and dark, I wonder why our windows are so small, why don’t we maximise the light? It is very good for the soul and very much appreciated.

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