Micro Scooters Review: Two Wheels or Three Wheels?

Ask me about Micro Scooters? go on ask me… then listen to me wax lyrical about how great my son’s Mini Micro scooter has been.

Purchased when he was 2, once he mastered the Mini Micro scooter, I walked (at a normal adult pace, rather than a dawdling child’s) and he scooted. Going places by on foot was achievable. Its been the transport to nursery, then to school.

That scooter has been, many times, the saviour of a trip to London. Not a single moan about long walks. When he was smaller, no tricky ‘negotitations’ about carrying a small boy and a large bag.

We have both loved it. As he has grown, I began to worry; how would we replace it?  I’ve had many similar conversations with other parents, which start with the how great the Mini Micro scooter is and then moves to wondering what to get when the children grows to big for it.

Our Mini Micro looks battered but is still very functional, however my boy is getting a touch too big for it. He has begun trying to ‘bunny hop’ on it. He often rides it crouched on the deck. At nearly 6 he is itching to move on.

What next… bigger 3 wheels or the thrill of 2 wheels.

Micro Scooters sent us two to compare. The Micro MX Trixx Scooter, two wheels capable of basic stunts and the step up from the Mini the Maxi Micro Scooter.

Ordered via the micro-scooter website, the delivery process was prompt. Emails confirmed various steps in the journey.


MX Trixx

The  MX Trixx requires an element of assembly, with allen keys supplied. Once, assembled, it needed a run up and down outside and further adjustments, until everyone was happy and the T-bar was straight. There is a nut on the front which we have since adjusted further with a spanner to ensure it’s tight. It is good practice to regularly check over any scooter.

The assembly instructions are basic, Micro Scooter have some great maintenance videos on YouTube and I think a MX Trixx assembly video might be useful.

Maxi Micro

The Maxi comes in three pieces;  the main handle bar clicks obviously into place into the deck of the scooter, then T’bar then fits into the top and requires an adjustment for height, via small handle. It is a more obvious assembly process. It has two wheels in the front and two wheels close together at the back, which act as one, so it is actually 4 wheels!

Both are well-built, the wheels run smoothly, there is a strong metal brake at the back of both scooters (beware it gets hot during use).

A Tale of Two Scooters

The Maxi

The Maxi is light, it’s easy to carry, either in one piece or more simply two. We took it to London, it unclips neatly into to two to be stored overhead on the train. At Paddington, I hired a Boris bike, while my son scooted and we sped across Hyde Park together (who needs tube trains?). I split the scooter into two again and shoved it into our overnight bag and dumped it in left luggage, while we spent an afternoon at the Science Museum.

At 5pm we left the museum, this is point in the day, when I expect complaints about walking, particularly as the walk from the Science Museum to the tube is via a long tunnel. With a flourish, I produce the scooter from my bag, click the two bits together and he’s off, weaving in and out of commuters. It makes travelling fun.

As a parent, this is when a Maxi Micro scooter comes into it’s own.  For him it’s fun to ride, while I benefit; no “this is boring”. We nip on and off tubes and trains. It’s easy to carry and easy to store and I love it for that reason.

We take it to the park and it’s fun, the deck has some flexibility and the steering is neat, so it makes for a nice tight circles, or for weaving around. The wheels give it a certain speed and the black deck and handle deem it cool.

The MX Trixx

The MX Trixx is a whole new world of scooting, it seems heavy but then it can take twice the weight of the Maxi scooter at 100kgs.

The handle bars are wide, with a rigid metal frame, it feels indestructible,

For me, it isn’t so convenient to carry. It swings, the T’Bar turns 360 degrees, which is the Trixx/Tricks element. While scooting on flat surfaces at the park on two wheels is fine.  How convenient are two wheels for just getting around? Turns out it is good, better than anticipated. The MX Trixx offers a smooth ride. More quickly than expected, my son has made the transition to two wheels. He now glides a long both feet on the deck perfectly in balance.

He prefers the sturdy frame. It is suitable for basic tricks and stunts, while he isn’t doing these yet, he loves the promise and potential of this scooter. MX Trixx suits ages 5 – 14 and I don’t see why it won’t last. Certainly it feels robust and while my son isn’t using it to its full capacity, in the future he will.

Which do we think?

Both scooters have benefits and when buying either, I think it’s important to think: What’s being used for? What suits my child?

For the school run, with a stop off at the park on the way home, maybe, secondary to bike at weekends. Then I think the Maxi is ace; light, stable and easy to carry. Designed for 6 -12 year olds, with adjustable height T’Bar. Its choice of colours gives a look that appeals to children. The solid design and Micro Scooter after sales means it’s built to last. For children it’s presents a fun speedy ride.

For a more adventurous child who has ambitions for tricks, whose main interest is scooting at the park, and whizzing up and down ramps. Then it is the MX Trixx.  It doesn’t feel as if it will fall apart under the strain of one too many ‘bunny hops’. Let’s be honest, no matter how much you ask a child to take care of something, they still sling it to the ground, without a thought. As a parent, I want a scooter than can survive that. When my child decides he wants to embark on the world of stunts and tricks, I want a quality scooter that gives me confidence. Even, if I have less confidence in my child’s ability to perfect his stunt technique. The MX Trixx is that scooter, is currently on offer for approx. £69.95, it normally retails at £119.95.

Both scooters retail around £100 each, which might be more than some other brands. From my experience of Micro Scooters and having compared with other brands that his peers have, I’m confident the Micro Scooter will last longer. They feel sturdier, they don’t rattle, they have a build quality.

As a family, we can’t choose between the two. We’ve had both scooters a month, one or the other have been used on a daily basis. My son thinks the MX Trixx is the height of cool, three wheels ok, but two wheels brilliant! He loves the MX Trixx. For me from a convenience point of view; the Maxi two wheels good, three wheels better. We may be debating for sometime.

Micro Scooters sell a range of accessories, including helmets, via their website and have lots of scooting advice on their community pages.

Disclosure: Micro Scooters sent us these scooters to review. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Dachsiefan

    Hello Gemma. We’ve been curious about getting a a Micro scooter for our four year old son. He’s quite big for his age and we’re wondering whether to opt for a Maxi straight away as he might quickly outgrow a Mini? Looking at the info https://www.micro-scooters.co.uk/scooters-model-maxi-micro-ages-6-12/maxi-micro-scooter-blue-t-bar.html the handlebar drops down to around 67cm, this seems the same height as the Mini. You’ve had experience of both, what do you think?

    1. helloitsgemma

      Although more expensive, if he is big for his age, I’d go for a Maxi. It looks great and is slightly more sturdy than a mini and would suit a larger 4 year old, who I imagine once he gains confidence will put it through it’s paces. I also think you may get more ‘life’ from a maxi. My son is is just 6, he has moved on to 2 wheels but there are older children at his school using maxi scooters.

      1. Dachsiefan

        Hey thanks Gemma, cost has been a bit of a worry but if we’re going to get a longer life out of it then it seems better to pay now than maybe have to buy one in a year’s time regardless.

        Has your son moved on to trying all the stunts now?

        1. helloitsgemma

          I really don’t think you will regret it, they are fantastic scooters. We used to scoot to his old school on his mini (it was a longer walk than his current school and it made the journey so much more pleasant).
          Once back at school and with the weather changing, we’ve used scooters more as a mode of transport from a. to b. than for leisure/hanging out at the park, so he has less opportunity to practice his scooting skills. He is a cautious child, so not yet!

          1. Dachsiefan

            I’ve read lots of great feedback about them we’re already sold on getting a Micro, were just unsure about the sizing. We’re definitely swayed towards the Maxi now though, thanks for the advice.

            Our walks take longer than they should, we have to say hello to the robot that looks like a post box, see how far we can jump from the metal covers on the pavement, jump off benches etc. Hopefully the scooter will be the focus of his attention on the short journeys.

            I think our little one might be quite adventurous, he’s already got his eyes on dad’s skateboard and his uncle and grandad have had their fair share of mountain biking tumbles so it may be in his blood from his dad’s side. He’s quite a tough little soldier, we don’t often see tears from bumps and scrapes.

            Oh dear, what are we letting ourselves in for?

  2. Rebecca

    Thanks Gemma, we’re contemplating which scooter to buy next for our almost 5 year old and this has been really helpful. We live in Australia and will be going travelling soon. Do you think you could take the Maxi overseas with you (since it folds up and fitted in your overnight bag)? It sounds like it would make getting around so much easier. Thanks again

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