Attempting Manual

Having come to the realisation that no matter how much time spent with my new camera around my neck, channelling ‘arty photographic type’, I’m not going to make my photos my own until I start moving on to the manual setting.

The DSLR camera has been my new friend since July. We’ve had a few dates, moved off automatic, flirted with the settings, but avoided scary manual; the awkward setting of aperture, shutter speed, ISO and light metering myself in order to get the image, rather than letting the camera work it all it.

The lovely people at Bespoke Offers suggested an On-line Photography course. I am enrolled on a Diploma in Photography via the Institute of Photography, suitable for beginners (me!) and in 15 units to complete at my own speed. Perfect.

Module one being ‘Manual’, having learnt about aperture, shutter speed etc, finally it has started to make sense (relaunches self as arty photographic type). Having completed the module my assignment was, obviously, to go out and take some photos using only the manual settings.

Dear readers, I am subjecting you to sharing with you my first attempts at manual photography. Ignore the composition, that module is further on.

The various photos of the person sitting by the water reflect many attempts and adjustments in order to get an image with some light in the foreground. Apologies to the person enjoying a quiet drink who was subjected to me hanging about, clicking, squinting at the camera, mumbling to myself, fiddling with the camera and then clicking again. I’ve much to learn.

Any tips gratefully received.






This offers is available at a considerable discount via the Bespoke Offers, the offer isn’t forever but there are lots of other amazing Bespoke Offers.

Disclosure: I received this course from Bespoke Offers in return for this post. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Ben

    I love that photo of the Louisiana, the light is beautiful. I used to take so many photos of Bristol harbour, you just want to snap it all don’t you?
    No tips on improving the photos you’ve taken, but my advice would be when learning to use manual is change only one thing at a time! Then you’ll start to understand the effect it has. After that you can play with a couple of things together.
    Other than that just take lots of photos and changing the white balance settings can have a big impact on how your photo looks.

  2. thepuffindiaries

    This what I really need to do with my camera, move onto to manual and take it out with me more. You may very well have inspired me. I really like the shot of the bicycle, and the reflection you’ve captured with the row of boats.

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