The Same But Different

Here I am! Welcome. Helloitsgemma goes This is my self-hosted new home. It’s pretty much like the old space, rather than go for major renovation and re-style, the furniture and nick nacks have simply been shifted and set up here.


Can I tempt you to a cup of tea and biscuit and the suggest that you follow this new space via; blog lovin or by clicking the subscribing button (just up there)?

Oh look a bloglovin button…..

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This blog is now 3 years old. I began blogging because I wanted to connect with other parents. It’s given me that and so much more. I’ve had some amazing opportunities, introduced me to virtual friends and friends that I have stepped away from the computer and incorporated into everyday life.

So, dear Reader of Helloitsgemma, is there anything you would like to see more of? Less of? Welcome to It’s the future!


  1. Molly

    *Offers welcome flowers and moving home card*

    YAY! You did it! (Am I the first one to leave a comment? Do I win a prize?)

    I just request more of the same. Your dry wit and self-deprecating sense of humour please. And some photographs taken on your snazzy new camera. Thank you.

  2. jenny paulin

    hello Gemma! i love your new look blog. i went self hosted back in August and it took me a while (indeed i am still learning) to get to grips with wordpress and all that jazz. xx

  3. Actually Mummy...

    Man alive you’re only 3?? I thought you’d been blogging for decades!

    That said, a brand new baby is always lovely, especially with the same old Gemma at the helm 🙂

  4. jfb57

    Welcome home! I do hope you will be happy here. Glad you gave me a forwarding address – wouldn’t have wanted to lose you. now I’ve had mine for 5 years. Should I move? What does it give me I wonder?

  5. Hatty

    Ooh congrats and hope you are very happy in your new pad!
    Now I feel like I need to move home to a self-hosted one… you might need to blog about how hard it was and what the point is. *that was really me distracting you while I ate the rest of of biscuits*

  6. Narrowboat Wife

    Hiya. I’m an email subscriber and so have now signed up for the New Improved Gemma. It’s 3 years for me too. Whatever did we do before all this blogging stuff happened to us?! x

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