A Distraction

The clock says 6.40 am. Which is way too early. Maybe ‘Apple’ haven’t adjusted it. Of course, they have adjusted it. The clocks have turned back, yesterday, this was 7.40, which isn’t too early. Bed is warm and I feel weary and tired. I lay still, awake, conscious of time ebbing away and that I could be doing something more useful.

Maybe its dark mornings and evenings. Maybe it’s the rain. Maybe it’s the leaves on the ground and grey skies. In the week up to half-term, I’ve woken up feeling tired. Thoughts turning to a possible bedtime before each day has begun. Despite it being a good week, it’s been a long week. A bit ‘meh’.

Sunday morning and I could do something with this extra time. I get up and potter around which brings the rest of the house to life. I mention my malaise and my OH hands me a cup of tea and tells me to go out.

Taking my camera, I go for a walk. Church bells peal for Sunday Service the light is low, shadows long. Few people are about. Time passes and for the first time for days I don’t feel tired. I feel quite content. Maybe all I needed was a distraction.










  1. Emma

    It is something I love to do if I wake up early enough on a weekend! That way the world feels like it’s just yours and the light is usually gorgeous. Unless it’s still dark, but I have caught some great sunrises that way! 😀

  2. older mum in a muddle

    Lovely photos…. are you still enjoying your course? I’ve been feeling ‘meh’ too… it’s the change in season. I’m trying to get out and about as much as I can.

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