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blogging fatigue

Do you ever get blogging fatigue? Obviously, I am addressing the bloggers reading this, the audience of this blog is mostly bloggers. Three years on, I will now sometimes admit that I blog, more often I explain away some of the opportunities that we get via this blog as ‘reviews’ a sort of catch-all phrase, wave my hand and move the conversation on. Avoiding directing people to my URL. What if they read it? and my cover is blown. They discover this is the self-indulgent ramblings of ME! Other bloggers, they get that, so that’s ok.

In the last while, I’ve felt a bit fed up with blogging. A bit uninspired. Maybe it’s broken blog fail (yes, I’ve still not fixed it). Possibly, I’m still settling in to my self-hosted home and I don’t like the decor as much as the old space (must get round to sorting that out).

Perhaps it’s the time of year. I like to nail Christmas early. Have it all sorted before the shopping frenzy really kicks in. It takes time and something else has to give. My blogging rhythm slipped and fell by the wayside a week or so ago and hence, I haven’t been here. It bothered me, I felt a pressure to post something and then I thought WHY? So I didn’t. Of course, it doesn’t actually matter.

If I am honest, when I moved all the posts over to here, I felt proud of them. Most of them I really like. Little seedlings on a sunny window that I’ve grown and nurtured, my words. I love my blog.

Blogging fatigue? or just that it didn’t fit in with life for a bit? This morning I am back in my favorite cafe, taking time to write and it’s brilliant. Really nice. The odd thing is, once I’m here at the key board, I don’t know why I wasn’t here before.


  1. Mary @AsturianDiary

    This. This. A thousand times this. Shame I can’t pop in for a nice cup of tea to your lovely cafe but am making do with brewing my own tea and slowly getting back in the blogging saddle. Life gets in the way sometimes. But it is lovely when blogging slips back into place.

  2. Peggy Reinvented

    Yes! I think every blogger does. And if it’s severe it can make you consider giving up blogging. Naturally, after I moved off the narrowboat I began to run out of things to write on When I began my new blog I didn’t even know what it would be about really and I struggled for ideas. Now it is gathering speed though, and I often think – hey, I could blog about that!

    But for you, yes I can imagine getting ready for Christmas can be a drain on your time and leaves little energy left for blogging. This year I am also planning to be one of those early prepared Christmas people – I am usually a last minute one!

  3. Molly

    I’m glad you’re back. You held out longer than I did! I know that feeling of pressure. At first I thought it was a feeling if not wanting to miss out. Now, I think it’s actually more to do with loving my blog space and wanting to do it justice. It’s only natural after all, it’s the only thing (apart from Frog) that I’ve ever created from scratch. Love that you’re enjoying it again Gem. x

  4. Midlife Singlemum

    I’ve also been very sporadic lately. It started around the time of the Jewish festivals in September. It’s my third year blogging so I’ve done every festival twice already. I made a decision to blog less if I’ve nothing to say that grabs me. It works. I’ll have many less posts this year but so what.

  5. jane

    I have blogging fatigue (did you get the rash as well?) I think when you have been around 3 years you are like a pensioner in the blog world. Younger models have come along and the technology updates. Perhaps it is time for us to move into a nursing home? I’ll bring the typewriter

  6. older mum in a muddle

    I so empathise with this post…. I am feeling the pain at the moment with the run up to Christmas, may have the chance to squeeze in one post, but do you know what? A break away from the blog is a damn good thing, gets the creative juices flowing again. No point in writing when it feels like a chore. But glad you found your mojo again. X

    1. helloitsgemma

      Blogging has got some much more competitive, I think there does become a pressure and what’s the point if it’s a chore rather than a pleasure. lovely comment – thanks X

  7. Emma

    I think it can be the idea of it at times… That it eats so much time, takes so much effort, and the thought of it and what else I actually could/should be doing instead seems so much more tempting. And then I sit down to the keyboard like you, and/or read back over some of the stuff I have done and I think “I am so glad I do this”… Funny isn’t it? x

  8. Hurrah For Gin

    I get blogging fatigue and I’ve only been going a few months! It’s weird, sometimes it gives me a real high and other times i don’t really understand why i’m doing it.

    The cafe looks fabulous though, i would love to be able to get out and write but i have too many attachments hanging off me at the mo 🙂

  9. Kelly

    I’ve been blogging for 8 years and there are some real gaps in my blog, – funnily enough around the births of my babies in particular – and then some periods (like at the moment) when I have so much to say that I have a list of posts I want to write.

    But I love that I can see the ebb and flow of my life through my blog.

  10. Lady Banana

    I’ve been blogging a very long time. Not so much now as life is way too busy and various other reasons.

    Also, a lot of my regular readers who also blogged have slipped by the wayside, so it’s a lot less fun when so little interaction!

    1. helloitsgemma

      The interaction makes it. Blogging changes very quickly and new people arrive and gather groups of other new bloggers around them, it does change. Keeping up is a a feat in itself. 

  11. AtoZ Mummy

    Yes! I blogged yesterday about how I have Blogger’s Block ( It’s not so much fatigue for me but more I just can’t think of anything to write. When I get like this I sort of lose interest in reading blogs too which is a bit odd. I guess it’s totally normal.
    I also totally understand what you mean when you say you generalise with “reviews”. I don’t tell many people I blog and I am shy to admit to reviews / sponsored posts etc in case they check out my blog, realise I’m so boring and therefore a fraud and notify the relevant blogging authorities lol!!

    1. helloitsgemma

      ha! I’m sure you are not a fraud.
      Sometimes reading other blogs is inspiring, something intimidating and if you have fatigue that doesn’t help. 
      keep going you are fab! 

  12. Mama and More aka Zaz

    I’ve had friends and family ask me quite bluntly either why I should think that anyone else would be interested in what I have to say (thanks MIL), or what kind of strange people are bothering to read my ramblings if they don’t even know me. Funny, but they don’t mind reading a magazine, newspaper or book where someone rambles about their opinions, writes reviews, or is creative in that space. I often get blog block, and try not to pressure myself too much, but I also want to be proud of the fact that I do pull my finger out and have the courage to type something and hit publish.

    1. helloitsgemma

      Oh my gosh! what a response to contend with. 
      I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply your comment, I’m sorry.
      well done you for ignoring them and doing your own thing.
      You should be proud! keep going, keep pressing publish. 

  13. Bibsey Mama

    What’s in the note book?! That’s what I want to know. And where is this cafe? So that I might stalk you on my next visit to the UK (or am I going to have to hunt you down in Pizza Express?). I relate to this post so much. Life gets in the way doesn’t it? And that’s the right way round, right?

    Always loving your work xxx

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