Shiny January 2014


The leanness of January appeals after the excess of December. A slower pace, time to take stock. Less cash and the cold keeps everyone inside. There is time to spare. Reflections on a year gone and consideration of the year ahead. January is about hot mugs of tea and gazing into the middle distance.

To balance the very long till receipts of the month before, we are store cupboard eating. Taking stock of the tins and transforming them into dinner. Emptying the freezer of it’s contents. It tempers the decadence of Christmas eating, there are still packets of fancy biscuits and smelly cheeses to be finished, it’s not all austerity. The joy of spending gift vouchers on a sales bargain. The good feeling of less is more. Valuing what you have, making something of it.

January is thinking time, my tendency is to have the constant companionship of Radio 1 (being core listener age group, obviously). Background sound. Except, I can’t actually identify the sounds. I’ve been switching over more often. Radio 4 offers subjects to think about. Switching off altogether gives thinking space, add another mug of hot tea.

The year still gleams with newness and expectation. Of course, I’m not running or joining an embroidery circle but I like the shiny possibilities. Less resolutions, more hopes, aims, plans. 2014 is a rolled rug, ready to be unfurled, to reveal it’s patterns and colours and January let’s me believe anything is possible.

A slow and sluggish pace to the month but experience shows me that a year will fly all too quickly. I want to avoid being carried along, only to be unceremoniously dumped in December wondering where the months went.

Currently, the main aim is to do less, beginning by saying no and pulling back from what I have previously jumped at and then lost hours of time to. 2014 still feels too new to spread my thoughts and ideas out for scrutiny, it’s still about enjoying the formulation. List making, planning.

Finally, the blog has been tidied and decluttered in perfect New Year style and it’s a more comfortable space to head forwards. What do you think?

Do you have hopes and aims for 2014? Go on, tell me.


  1. Purplemum

    Love the new look blog almost as much as love your writing style, this is a lovely post thank you. I’ve been getting frustrated with the Januaryness but I shall now make a cup of tea and stare out of the window instead. 

  2. Midlife Singlemum

    I so agree. I love that January feeling of hope and expectation – while it being too cold to actually do anything more than make the lists, plan and dream about what you will achieve this year. This year for me will about securing my finances – not that I will be suddenly rich but that I will move out of a situation of constant uncertainty whether we will have enough to  get by. And some extra for a few treats would be nice. 

    1. helloitsgemma

      Finance is such a huge thing and key to so much else, it’s good to take time to take an overview of that, and January is as good a time as any. hope it’s not too cold for you. X

  3. Bibsey Mama

    Happy New Year lovely lady. What a lovely poast (ha ha thought I would leave this typo as it nearly spells toast and toast goes with tea and I knows how you loves a cup of tea) about January. You’ve made me feel quite cosy, although that could also be due to the fact that I am sitting here in my parker. It’s cold up the mountain today.

    Looking forward to your spin on February xxx

    1. helloitsgemma

      *feels the pressure to say something about February*
      Happy to New Year to my fave woman up a mountain. can’t believe it’s ever actually less than perfect up the mountain. 

  4. 3yearsandhome

    Love the look of your blog. It has a clean and minimal feel that has always appealed to me. I like the thought of the year stretching out in front me too but am feeling slightly panicked that I’ve yet to have a chance to really think about my plans for the year. I need to escape for a couple of hours and put pen to paper.

  5. Emma

    I need to slow down or at the very least not say yes to taking on things in life that I just cannot finish or things I don’t want to do. My problem is that I still haven’t learnt to say no and mean it. 

  6. Zoe

    Like the blog, love the new feel to it.  I’m doing a similar thing to you this year, saying yes to more but only to the things that mean something to me – well that’s the plan anyhow! x

  7. Emma

    Love the new look, and the shiny picture! 🙂   I love making do at the start of the year too, creating meals out of what we have (some I would repeat, some I would not!), it’s a nice feeling isn’t it?    This year, I need to get stuff in order, declutter the house, think about our future, but ultimately to make the most of it… 🙂 x

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