Let me take you on a journey – A Britmums Carnival

Travel broadens the mind, come with me on a journey around the blogosphere.  We will visit recognisable places, take a quest to the new, sample foods and, hopefully, widen our horizons. The itinerary is varied, these posts will take you across the globe to a tropical island stopping on route to explore food and language. The excursion continues with funny posts and onto a powerful post that is touching in it’s honesty. Pack your sandwiches and a slice of cake, pop on some comfortable shoes and join me.

Our trip begins with the familiar, to some of my favourite places starting with of with Rachel at Three Years and Home. Home from Switzerland and re-settling in the UK, it’s all about the inspiration but will her marriage survive? I have blackboard paint and I’m not afraid to use it.

Occasionally, you meet someone who makes a real impression, Jane at Northern Mum, didn’t roam too far too meet her soul mate, as far as the steam room of her local gym.  What if things don’t turn out the way you had hoped and there’s ‘that’ awkward conversation? As Anya at Older Single Mum points out it’s not me it’s you. Something that will chime with bloggers who struggle with agencies looking for space on your blog but want it all their way.

Sampling food is one of the joys of touring and so Mari of Mari’s Worlds brings you the Best Salmon Fishcakes ever. Fact. To compliment, can I suggest following with some sweet valentine dessert treats, Elisa at Mamma Wears Prada has some treats, delicious to look at, delicious to eat.

Orli at Just Breathe moved her family to the UK, she considers the family language shift from Hebrew to English, Losing the Hebrew. A big part of making a new life elsewhere.

Light hearted and amusing, Lucy of Real Mum Reviews shares a  character reference from her daughter Erin, possibly useful for her return to work from maternity leave.  A great take on modern parenting from Sian of Mummy Said What; Is my child a genius, errrmm no. You know the type of parent, taking credit for the achievements and it’s a different story when it comes to imperfections. Sharp and  funny.

A discovery of the new. These bloggers are all new to the sphere, give them some love and welcome them into the fold. Firstly, Zena at Zena’s suitcase, a truthful post about struggling with the different aspects of being a mother and the challenges and changes of where she finds herself now; it’s time I changed. A very different land from where she was 5 years ago. All About a Mummy has been blogging since October, she’s pregnant but is it pink or is it blue. Did you find out what you were having?  The world of tantrums, the 2/3 year old year. Em, Brummy mummy of 2 shares her world and brilliant photo of her gorgeous 3 year old giving it the full whinge.

Amelia Appletree began blogging at the beginning of this year, I think most established bloggers will say the special thing about starting out is those early posts are often full of passion and honestly, these are, sometimes, the most personal. Starting your blogging journey and sharing the things that really matter to you. This is a powerful and important read: Prejudice.

Finally, let me leave you in the beautiful Seychelles. Chantelle’s first post, about her everyday life in, well, paradise, frankly. Read it and dream. Can you feel the sand between your toes?


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