Sneaking off

We rarely get time outside the house, just the two of us, without a child. It’s been over a year since we had a night out together. Nights out together are important but with moving, there was the who to ask?. Having found people we could ask, then it was not actually getting around to asking. We’ve slipped into staying in rather than going out.

There have been some small changes here, which means that Mr. often works part of or sometimes all of the weekend. It has taken some adjusting to. I like our weekends, I like time together as a family. It also feels like a long week without two adults at the weekend. Sometimes, I feel as if I’ve not really spent anytime with my other half. It’s a little bit of juggle that we are still improving upon.

However, working weekends, means time off mid-week. Last week, we packed egg mayonnaise sandwiches and a flask. Dropped our son at school and sneaked off. Just us two, for a walk. It was very muddy. There was sunshine, rain, even hail. We got a little bit lost. Surprisingly, we didn’t run out of things to talk about. He looked at birds through binoculars and I fiddled with the manual focusing on my camera (still learning). Much nicer than a night in a crowded pub. Bit of lovely day out.

Does anyone else get to sneak off?






    1. Elaine

      We sneak off all the time- sometimes for whole weekends. Our youngest was a bit older than yours when we started but grab those opportunities when the school decideds to take him off for an educational trip or his friends suggest he sleeps over. We sneak off to the bakers in the next village and have a cup of tea and sometimes a bun whilest the boy’s at school. It’s healthy for your relationship to sometimes just speak to each other about nothing.

      Your day sounds lovely.

  1. Hatty

    Sounds lovely. Not sure what I’d talk about with the other half but I’d love a day sneaking off to have fun trying to focus (yeah, me too) – maybe I need to sneak off with you one day ; )

  2. Midlife Singlemum

    It feels a bit naughty doesn’t it – like playing truant from school? However, a few hours out during the day feels much more like a holiday than an evening out. Good for you. I hope you make a regular date to sneak off in future. 

  3. Kath Knitty Mummy

    No sneaking off yet as I’m always at work when J is at preschool, but come September both kids will be in school and I’ll have every Thursday off, so if the OH takes a Thursday off we could do something like we used to – like go for a coffee and ignore each other whilst reading the papers!

  4. headinbook

    Lovely post and beautiful pictures. Our youngest has just started doing one full day a week at preschool, and Mr Book took Wednesday off – we had lunch and a walk at the seaside, and it made me feel better than i have in months. Family time is special too, but the novelty value of just being together as a couple, not parents, was priceless. 

  5. Jude

    Aww, what a nice idea. We rarely get a chance to sneak off but this weekend we dropped the big one at Grandmas and rocked the Little One to sleep in her buggy before sneaking into our local cafe for breakfast. Bliss! Nice post. x

  6. Emma

    Wow Gemma, your pictures are gorgeous!   It can be hard can’t it?  We found the same moving here, having to establish new babysitters.    And now we have babysitters, and I still need to remember to book them and actually go out! 😀  

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