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Bristol has a great independent cinema, The Watershed. It has a bar with views across the harbour which, in my limited experience, is busy. I like a bar that’s busy, I can stand amongst the throng, drink in hand and feel as if I part of the social grown-up world. I can pretend I’m the type that sees independent films, reads novels and hosts dinner parties, at which I talk about films and novels.

This week, after being in Bristol for just over a year, Mr and myself organised a sitter and went to the independent cinema (we are on a spending time together roll). The cinema has a wall where film goers can pin their mini reviews (see above). The review wall is beyond the ticket office, half way up the stairs to the cinema. If the wall is full of orange and white cards saying the film you’ve just purchased a ticket for is rubbish, you are stuck, as tickets are non-refundable.

The photo is a review of the film we saw; The Grand Budapest Hotel. That’s not my review. Being unable to be concise or witty my card, would say: “Darling. We loved it”. Ralph Fiennes says “Darling” often in the film and we did love it. We rushed off, no time for cards, worried that the sitter wouldn’t want to be out too late. Having seen only one film and not read a book lately, I have no plans to host a dinner party.

In going to the cinema I ticked of No. 78 of my Day Zero list and so I paused and wondered what else I had ticked off and not recorded.

It is two years since my Mother died. When she died people wrote me letters, it is one of those wonderfully touching things of bereavement, it brings people together, evokes emotion and memories and people reach out in very caring ways. They hand write letters and I wrote back (No. 7).

A death is a reminder how important memories are. The August before we left the North and before my son began school we documented a month in photos (No. 19), they sit in an album at home a record of a halcyon summer. I should do that more.

Ticked off and unrecorded.

I tried yoga again for a while. I am no longer as flexible as I was and I stopped (No. 23) again.

Blogging has some great advantages, Andrex gave a group of bloggers, including me, access to a spa and treatments, I had a facial (52), just because they wanted to treat some ‘mums’. How nice is that?

After a search on the scale of Britain’s Got Talent. I have found a new hairdresser (9). We are going steady. She is not the one who described my hair as salmon pink.

A bobble which is a fancy pants, filtered drinking bottle and is my constant companion. Despite that fact that group of GP’s mocked my need to filter water. I do drink more water and recommend bobbles (51).

For a woman who often talks too much, presentations (39) terrify me. That said, I’ve done a couple for different things and they still terrify me.

The combination of friends and good food is a joy (56). Moving has meant friends coming to stay, I like welcoming people with a spread of food and have hosted lunches at which I have served home-grown tomatoes. Tomatoes are not a vegetable, but are enough to tick off (42) ‘grow my own vegetables’, thanks.

Moving, has also forced my Skype hand. This technological advancement of Skype somehow alluded me. My preference is still the telephone but I do Skype. Ending Skype conversations seem a bit awkward, less smooth than on the telephone. Does anyone else find that? (73).

Seven random acts of kindness, is on-going and seven seems limiting. There is a page in a notebook reserved for me to record random acts of kindness. In my handwriting are the words; ‘blackcurrant cheesecake’. I have no idea what this refers to. If anyone reading this remembers me randomly gifting them a blackcurrant cheesecake please let me know.

This weekend, I am going to make playlist on iTunes.

Wishing you a happy weekend, I hope you are up to something slightly more interesting than playlist making.


  1. Emma

    Loved this Gemma… I might make a list.    I am going through a phase of trying to do ultra nice things for people because it makes me feel good.  It might last, who knows!    Hope you have a nice weekend too.  I have to go to a child’s party this afternoon.  I think I might have been evil in a former life… 😀  

  2. Honest Mum

    Adored this post and brought back memories of the Watershed and the brilliant creative/indie scene I relished in our short time in Bristol. Glad you’ve found a hairdresser to go steady with-onto my third and final one (hopefully) in Leeds and my hair was once described as a lion’s mane by a stylist-evens? x

  3. Mammasaurus

    Ah my once-salmon-pink-haired friend,  reading this makes me want to start a list. I am 40 next year, maybe I need to create a 40 things before I’m 40 list. I shall think on! Hosting a dinner party scares me a lot – it’s jolly good to hear that you are settling in nicely there 🙂

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