Sunday is for slow, not for rushing. Sunday is for pyjamas well into the day. Pottering and catching up. Ticking small things of lists. Baking cakes, slow cooking soup for the week ahead, roasting potatoes. Should leaving the house be an option, Sunday is for browsing, cafe stops and ambling walks in the woods.

Sunday is for building Lego or finding mini beasts under stones in the garden. Time lengthens on a Sunday and Sunday lends itself to details and patience. While a small boy is absorbed, in the warm sun, I’ve finished a book and drunk endless cups of tea. Between times we’ve baked and brought slow order to a house disordered by busy holidays. And yes, at 4pm I’m still in my pyjamas.

I love the rhythm of a slow Sunday.

How was your Sunday?



    1. helloitsgemma

      Children’s easter eggs – it’s a parental sacrifice to eat them – chocolate isn’t good for children. Eating their chocolate is a cross we must bear. 

  1. Hurrah For Gin

    Your Sundays sound divine! I would love more of the slow but my boys are still a bit too young and get off on the fast! And i can barely get a thing done if i’m at home as i am always being pestered to race cars. We do love to get out and enjoy nice countryside or beach walks though and then all have a roast tea together at about 5 🙂 x

  2. Ben

    Totally agree on Sunday’s, before children it was always dippy eggs and soldiers for breakfast. Now not so much but do love not feeling the need to rush them to get dressed or anything. However more recently Sunday’s for me have been anything but restful, normally the day I get up at 6am and do a long run 🙂

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