Happy Easter

When people say they love winter, I don’t really get it. Winter is a long grey journey, (‘are we nearly there yet’) towards Spring.

This week has been blessed with blue skies. We’ve taken full advantage of bright Spring sunshine and enjoyed days outside. The Easter holidays have lent time for sitting in the sunshine, while children roll down grassy slopes. We’ve had picnics, ice cream treats and walks. It’s been good just to be outside for hours, to return at the end of a long day tried and satisfied, a day well spent. I’ve wallowed in the soul restoring joy of technicolor Spring flowers. Why would Winter ever be preferable?

Happy Easter to you and yours.









Photos taken at Tyntesfield, this week. It’s just outside Bristol, one of our favourite haunts and well worth a visit.


  1. Ali

    Spring is so vibrant with gorgeous eye candy colours and sweet smells it is hard not to stop and smile at them!

    Beautiful photo’s, love them all but particularly love the semi transparent purple and white tulips shot, really gorgeous x

  2. Emma

    Another Winter lover here…  I think it what happens when you have lived in a dark country and become addicted to candles and cosiness! 😀   I do love Easter too though, Happy Easter!  Your pictures are lovely!  🙂 

  3. Hurrah For Gin

    Happy Easter to you Gemma 🙂
    Absolutely stunning photos and i couldn’t feel more happy to see the arrival of spring.
    I love winter up until Christmas but would be more than happy to remove January and February from the equation!

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