PG Tips Fruit Tea Review

PG Tips Fruit tea
When you receive a tweet from the PG Tips Monkey that’s not one to ignore. In my head the actual knitted monkey and I conversed over twitter, which is as exciting as getting a reply from @sarajcox. Celebrity interaction! Monkey offered to send me some fruit teas for review. Of course, I said “please do Monkey”. (I can only say Monkey in the style of Johnny Vegas)
There are a few different teas in the range. I received raspberry, camomile and red berries. Despite loving straight English breakfast tea, I’ve long been a fan of fruit teas and in a work environment, I rarely drink anything else, it’s one of my strict preferences. I like to be in charge of my own destiny when it comes to tea in the work place. Nothing is worse than getting to work and finding there is no milk or no tea, no cash in the office kitty and thing-a-ma-bobs turn to buy milk, which they’ve forgotten to do, again. Hence, I always had my own stash of fruit tea.

When not working I’ve carried this on, because I can’t just drink one cup of English breakfast type tea, I drink tea in the style of a chain smoker, one cup after another, quickly a bag of sugar is consumed, dissolved in the bottom of my tea cup.

So how did Monkey’s tea fair.

Raspberry is not overbearing, subtle with a nice fruit flavour. Crucially, it’s not tarte.

Camomile is fragrant, it has a rich colour and a mellow taste.

Red berries (which turned our to be the one I liked best) is bright and fruity and very more-ish.
The tea retails at £1.19 for 20 bags.
Nice tea Monkey (said in the style of Johnny Vegas).

Disclosure. I was sent PG Tips Fruit to review, all words and opinions are my own.


  1. Emma

    I really like the sound of those.   PG Tips has saved my English bacon on more than one occasion as quite often you can find it here and it tastes the same.  Other tea brands tend to adjust the flavours to suit the market, and it’s just not the saaaammmmee…. . 😀  x

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