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Between Piccadilly Circus and Green Park is one of the undersung parts of Central London; Piccadilly. A area all its own. Lining Piccadilly are places whose names, Fortnum and Mason, The Royal Academy of Arts instantly resonate with London and yet aren’t the first that come to mind. Coaches pass, taking tourists to Harrods, The V&A, more obvious places.

It’s an elegant line of beautiful buildings. Piccadilly has history and yet a quality, an ethos, that keep it contemporary. The Ritz is a benchmark of excellence in luxury hotels. The Royal Academy a voice for artists. The Burlington Arcade, an enduring row of the most stylish boutiques. Piccadilly has big ideals, borne from big dreams. It does its own thing.

In the heart of Piccadilly is the Royal Institute of Great Britain, the home of science. It’s mission has always been “to encourage people to think more deeply about the wonders and applications of science”. I rarely, seem to have time to think more deeply. Over the weekend the Royal Institute was home to Blogtacular. It was the perfect home. This was the first Blogtacular, set up by Kat & Kat: “This is a place for people who create vibrant and original content to discuss their work.” Blogtacular dreamed big, not only did it bring together a vibrant group of bloggers, it placed before them some very inspiring people. Bloggers who have taken blogging to another level, game changers. Every session I attended was an opportunity to learn, every session I wasn’t in, I wished I was.

I brought my ticket for the event, not without hesitation, I doubted my credentials to attend. I am not creative, I don’t make or bake. My concern; that I wouldn’t fit in. The uncool one in the corner.

The atmosphere was relaxed and warm. I spoke to various bold and brilliant women, lone rangers of creativity, passing me their cards and telling me their stories. I got spend time with people who I admire for the different things they do. Cathy, Lucy, Steph, Heather and Kelly.

Slides from the event:

Credits: Top Left: Cathy James Nurture Store. Top Right: Anne Ditmeyer Pret a Voyager Bottom Left & Right: Natalie Lue Baggage Reclaim

From the photowalk:

Xanthe Berkley. Photowalk. Berkley Square

For me, the key themes I came away with were:

Dream Big
The devil’s in the detail.
Feel the fear and do it anyway (everyone loves a cliche)
If you stand at the back of the photowalk because you think your photos aren’t good enough, they won’t be good enough (more a lesson for life, really)
Be Proud

Blogtacular was very different to anything else I’ve attended (I am difficult to please) and I loved every aspect of Blogtacular. I loved the messages for blogging and I loved the messages for life. The spaces on the internet I inhabit have got smaller in the last year, I’ve stepped back from a few things and at times felt a little lost. This weekend has given me much to think deeply upon and go forward with, in the very best way.


  1. Honest Mum

    Wow this looks wonderful, only heard about it via live tweets, I would have LOVED to attend, hopefully next year, love the positive mantras, strongly believe in all of them. You would never be uncool lovely! Wonderful, inspiring line up too! Fabulous photos! I adore Picadilly too!

  2. Steph

    Utterly superb. What an eloquent, resonant post if a great event. You’re a wordsmith ( creative yes) and have expressed all I felt but didn’t articulate. Thanks.

    Sorry I cleared off early and didn’t make the meal after all. Realised staying on my own was harder than I thought it’d be and stuff changed at home so needed to get back.

    Was ace to meet you and one day I’ll make it to  Bristol at last and the tea & cake will be on me xxxx

  3. A Patchwork Life

    you make me wish I’d been there, probably at the back too, though really don’t think you should be tucking yourself away at all. Such a good read, and the ‘you will have more ideas than time. This is ok’ lesson, just slapped me round the face. In a good way 🙂 

  4. Emma

    Gemma you are very creative – you undersell yourself.  Your words and images are carefully crafted. I admire your creativity and I’m so so glad you went and it had this affect on you. X

  5. older mum in a muddle

    I’ve been looking forward to reading this post, and really enjoyed your thoughts on Blogtacular – I wasn’t sure whether to go or not, but it sounds like a very different event to other blogging conferences. All I’ve heard is positive glows about it. Love that you went out for a photography walk, and great pictures too. X

  6. Angela @Little Apple Tree

    It was fantastic to meet you, Gemma!  Thanks so much for coming and finding me!  I’m still buzzing with ideas and having the occasional moment of deep thought after Blogtacular.  It really was so much more than just a blogging conference.  I do wish I’d been able to squeeze in the social media talk, too, but that’s what the virtual conference is for, I suppose!

  7. mamasVIB

    Great post! Wasn’t Blogtacular brilliant? I had such a great weekend – even if I was on my own for most of it – I tried to take as much in as I could being new to this blogging game. I also felt I might not be right for the vent – I don’t do crafty posts/or baking ones/or really big picture style ones- I felt I maybe was the uncool one! But, I learnt do much and I’ve never been cool anyway – even working on a magazine! 

    The even twas so great that I didn’t feel excluded or alone – it was really like one big blogging hug – I came away with lots of ideas and hope to put them into practise soon.

    Lovely picts too – I didn’t go on the picture workshop but all the picts have seen look great!

  8. Judith

    I love reading about the different things everyone came away with from Blogtacular. It was such a fun packed weekend with lots of new ideas and perspectives, right?! Thanks for sharing yours Gemma!

  9. Kat

    I am so glad you decided to come. I see creativity as a state of mind rather than an output. I see as much creativity in science and business as I do in making and baking. You totally fit in. Really great to talk to you afterwards. Thank you for being part of Blogtacular x

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