Red welly, yellow welly, festival wear

Festival wear is a tricky one, everything has to be lugged from the car and no one wants to carry too much.

My festival essentials

My first pack is always flip-flops. Feet, flicking on flip-flops is the sound of summer. Everything about flip-flops, bare feet, bright colours say; festival.

joules festival wear by helloitsgemma featuring red shoes

Bright and bold

Anything goes, at a festival, it is that place to indulge your fancies. Floral Capri pants and matching sunglasses; hello! I would love a pair of Minnie Mouse Ears. Because at a festival you are never to old to wear Minnie Mouse Ears. Wearing something bright and bold, especially when you haven’t showered for a couple of days, detracts from less than perfect hair. I’ve lifted all my festival choices from Joules. They sell bold wellies all year round and wellies make a great starting point for festival clothing.

Practical items

Evenings and early mornings can be cold on a campsite, pack a sweatshirt or a jumper.
An across body bag is perfect to leave arms free for dancing or carry drinks, while keeping purse and phone to hand.

What if it rains?

English weather is a fickle friend. Packing for my third Camp Bestival this summer, my priory will be; expect sunshine and prepare for rain. A waterproof and wellies, my only dilemma is should I go red welly or yellow welly?

Collaborative post


  1. Midlife Singlemum

    When we went camping my dad used to strip off as much as possible when it rained. As long as it was warm enough he’d wear a t-shirt and shorts rather than layers to keep the rain off. And definitely flip flops over anything with socks. The philosophy was that it’s easier to clean and dry yourself than it is to clean and dry your clothes. BTW – I think every event and holiday should come with a set of pictured essentials. Have fun!  

    1. Size15Stylist

      I started repeating the red welly tongue twister, too! Have done two festivals – Newquay (not pregnant) in a manky tent and Reading (pregnant) for one day – and happily looking forward to claiming the hat trick of family festival fun, when it’s right for toddler-daughter. I think Port Eliot down in Cornwall. I also like he Dad’s words of wearing fewer clothes as it’s easier to clean the person!

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