Here comes half term

Tiny flowers grow out of the crack in the front wall. Each time I step outside, there they are clinging on. There are many cracks in the neglected space outside our front door, each sprouted with weeds, weeds decorated with tiny flowers.

Further down the road, purple flowers grow out of a wall. The local playing field is freckled with daisies. However, cold and wet the spring the flowers still appear. A reminder that it all works out in the end, after the winter comes spring.

The sun streams through the windows at the front of the house and I’ve taken to waking at before 6, tiptoe-ing about the still house. I used to dread being up this hour, with an early rising toddler. School cancelled out the un-godly starts. Now, being up before my son feels indulgent. The extra time makes for slightly less of squeeze on the Monday-Friday routine. I start energised by the quiet and early light, pottering around, then I stop for a bit, dip a little, followed by gearing up again.

For the school-run to work each daily repetitive step,  has it’s own time slot, culminating in ‘shoes on’. Mornings are spent clock watching. The short walk to school provides nothing much to look at. Some days we talk about Star Wars, another day Colossal Squids, the conversation is varied, if the route isn’t.

At the moment, the school run is tedious. I want to avoid the politics of the playground. Forget clock watching, shelve being on time. Half term has come as a welcome reprieve. I’m looking forward to a week of flexible mornings, time outside and some camping. I am hoping the week will be gifted with sunshine.

The last few weeks have been a strange mix of ideas and inspiration, concerns and worries. Whirling around, occasionally crashing into each other. This also contributes to the early starts. My head is distracted and a little tired out. May is my favourite month and already it is almost over. Half term will be a space to slow, to enjoy May. To switch off a little, count blessings and catch up.


See you on the other side.


  1. Ali

    Gorgeous photo’s as always! I love the flowers that grow so well in the cracks, they are usually so pretty and a message that beautiful things can grow and thrive even in less perfect situations! *Deep but true comparison there!

    Enjoy your camping, I am looking forward to half term to then the Summer holidays fairly soon after that, hurray! xxxx

  2. older mum in a muddle

    I hope you have a lovely half term… we have just got over chicken pox in this house, and so I am looking forward to a really relaxing week next week… taking it easy and pottering about in the garden. I hope we get a little sun too. I love May. Lovely post. X 

  3. A Patchwork Life

    Big sigh of relief today – wasn’t a long half of term, but everyone’s wrecked. Agree about that bit of time before they’re up in the morning – it’s pretty special, though don’t often manage to sneak down without one of them hearing me! Hope you have a great half term x 

  4. Hurrah For Gin

    As much as i sort of look forward to a bit less noise when F starts school i know when it comes i will find the morning routines hard and miss our lazy days.
    Hope you have a super half term and the weather is lovely for camping xxx

  5. Aly

    I love toadflax the purple flower that grows in between cracks on walls and pavements.We had a fairly relaxed week in the end as my oldest has a foot injury.I hope you all had fun 😀

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