Walking in the Rain – Half Term

Dyrham Park, Wiltshire, National Trust

There are times when rain enhances a walk, droplets diamond like on leaves. Rain and grey skies, far from being dull create a lush green back drop and flowers shine jewel bright. As much as I love how sunshine perks everything and everyone, walking in the rain offers a different perspective and a different perspective is always good.

Rain is reviving for plants and for souls, it restores balance, washes away cares. Rain freshens the air, invigorates, renews. Add a good friend, small boys laughing, and a beautiful country house, in this case, Dyrham Park. Which being a National Trust Property has a wonderful cafe, offering respite from the damp. Warming tea and hearty slices of cake.
“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing” Alfred Wainwright.

As a family, we’ve been to Dyrham Park before in good weather, that time we flew kites. On this visit, with Chris and her son, Dyrham had a #50 things event, 50 things to before you’re 11 3/4. Our boys found their own entertainment exploring the gardens, attempted to round-up deer and trying to tempt the resident swan to their side of the pond (failing on both counts).

I forget how good it is to walk in the drizzle, it was an unexpectedly perfect day.

After a walk in the rain, it is obligatory to end the day with a hot bath. My small boy sat on the floor delivering a monologue on Lego Ninjago is an option less enhancing to relaxation but it was half term and I was happy to compromise.

How was your half term?





  1. Steph

    Love days like that ( Lego lectures excluded -plenty of those here too.) you’re absolutely right, rain is invigorating. Bring on the thunder storms tomorrow! Love that lush shot of all those hostas. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Ben

    oh I agree, a few weeks ago we were in the garden and it started raining, I told Henry and Matilda it was time to go to get out of the rain. Henry replied ‘NO! I’m ok, I like the rain’. Wise words for a 2 year old.

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