Things have been difficult and I feel a little bit absent from this space because of it, I’ve written several posts none of which have quite reached the point of publish. This week has been particularly ‘tricky’. Tuesday started badly, but ended better with an invitation to a field of poppies. Being waist height in poppies brought some balance back. Vibrant and inspiring. The glorious red. A hidden white poppy waiting to be discovered. Daisies and yellow oil seed dancing amongst tall poppies, being themselves and complimenting the whole. Just when the journey seems a little bleak, there is a field of poppies at the side of the road.












  1. Sarah Hill

    Gorgeous pictures. I think I’d find it all a mix of emotions in that sea of poppies. They are so beautiful and yet a lot of sadness is associated with them. Hope, however that it helped to lift you a little. xx

  2. Ali

    Gorgeous photo’s! Sorry you are not having a good week x

    Maybe like the poppy seeds you need a bit of peace underground metaphorically speaking before blooming again so wonderfully! xxxx

  3. Angela @Little Apple Tree

    Oooh, you’ve been to Failand, too!  I can’t believe you found a white poppy–that’s like a four leaf clover!  Quite the find amongst all those poppies!

    Sorry to hear that life is difficult at the moment.  Hopefully the poppies helped you smile a bit xx

  4. older mum in a muddle

    Sorry to read you had a bad week the other week. I hope you are feeling okay now. Those poppies are stunning. 

    And I wanted to say how lovely you were at the Britmums Bibs Awards. When I came off that stage and we had that big hug was just so fab. You really helped to steady me. You’re an absolute star. Thank you for your support. X   

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