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Cocktails in the afternoon marked the beginning of a weekend in London and the start of my birthday celebrations. Birthdays should, in my humble opinion, be week-long festival of celebration. One day isn’t enough to celebrate another year gone, a bit more of life lived. In London for a blogging conference, Britmums Live. Jane, Emma and I played hooky, choosing sunshine and Boris bikes, over brands and SEO.

This post is about focussing on the good things. Heading back from London early, meant we spent a fantastic family afternoon at a BBQ with new friends, to which I gate crashed old friends, who happened to be traveling through the West. Marrying old and new for short while at least. A reminder that we have a history and bonds elsewhere and they are still a part of our life. The BBQ food was beautiful. Music used to be the centre of celebrations but as I get older it is food. Later in the week, gathering a patch work of friends around a table for meal, Thali curry, confirmation that we have good roots here.

For my birthday, pizza with my favourite two people in the world. One of those moments when I look at my child and appreciate that love him so much it makes my heart ache. Love drives so much of our aspirations and when things are less than I’d hoped, it breaks my heart. Why did no one mention the roller coaster of parenthood is something that just goes on and on?

Much as I love being a family of three, I do love time with my other half, just being two. We had rare visit to the pub for locally brewed ales and time to over think things. We had walks and cafe stops in glorious weather. Simply being just the two of us and exploring a city still new to us.

Birthdays are a time for self-indulgent celebration. It is my birthday and why not. So, I baked a raspberry and lemon cake and except for one slice, ate it all. A time for reflection and connections. Friends call, cards and presents arrive and I feel grateful. Time to think about where we are, how far we have come. It was never going to be easy, but for all the tears, a couple of hours later I am eating (more) cake, with Kath and Ella and all is good with the world. Sometimes, you just need to stop and count your blessings. Keep focussing on the wood amongst the trees. When in doubt have your cake and eat it. Other cliches gratefully accepted.

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday special, especially those in the real world who don’t exist via a hyper-link.

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  1. Ali

    Birthday’s should indeed last a week! That cake looks gorgeous, so glad having your cake and eating it and time with friends made you reflect on more positives things! xxx

    Heck, a good home made cake makes all the difference! Focus on the small stuff (well as you ate most of it not that small 😉 x ) and the big stuff feels less big!

    Happy birthday again, how about a birthday fortnight and eek it into next week too! xxx

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