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There is much to be said for a slow stroll through a beautiful city, some retail inspiration and lunch with a friend. I’m sorry you couldn’t all come but sometimes just two is all there is room for.

There are many advantages to living in the South West one being the proximity to both the City of Bath and Chris (Thinly Spread). Bath falls neatly between where I am and where Chris is. We like to treat ourselves to a trip to the city, every now and then and frankly, the world needs us to put things to right. We really ought to be sponsored by some kind of think tank.

Our day goes, mostly, like this; a book shop rendezvous, closely followed with a critical catch up and brunch in one of Bath’s fabulous cafes. This last week, the Bloomsbury cafe, which sits upstairs from a lovely shop full of everything you never realised that you wanted.
Bath with thinly.jpg
Then a stroll around the city, away from the busy tourist clogged parts, up the hill behind the terraces, for a different angle on Bath. I like to wonder who lives behind the windows of the grand terraces, is it a series of houses or apartments?  I would love a  room with a balcony.

In town, we visited the new Anthropologie store .  I’d browsed on-line but not had the ‘experience’. I think we both have a new love in Bath.

Our lunch choice was Acorn it is a vegetarian kitchen, which suits our non-carnivore souls. The food proved to be creative, fresh and absolutely delicious.
There you are; three good things in Bath: Bloomsbury. Anthropologie. Acron. Sorry but I’m not sharing ‘meeting with Chris’.


  1. Molly

    LOVE. I love Bath and need to get myself to that new Anthropologie store. I also rather love Chris but don’t worry, I know three’s a crowd. Maybe you can take me there next time I’m up country! Gorgeous photos too. x

  2. Ali

    Bath is a great place to scroll around. To me it is home (though not now just a ten minute train trip though!). I love the back streets they offer so much more than the crowded town centre in character or maybe it is just so less busy so your eyes take in more. Widcombe hill is always worth a wander up, a little further but you will be rewarded with a bit of countryside to admire the lovely city!

    Botanical gardens I love but on the way there the allotments which are always filled with fantastic flowers! I am going to tweet you now as I know the those houses but can not place them!

    We used to live at Sydney Place number 8 if you are every passing. Right in the middle opposite the lovely park and in those days we did have the whole house but now most are flats or of course in Bath they are apartments!

  3. 76sunflowers

    I so miss Bath – not the Baths necessarily but evening strolls I used to take with the OH when we lived there (before children!) We would walk miles and I loved nosing into basement kitchens imagining living in a grand townhouse there one day. Still dreaming! 

  4. Debra

    Oh Bath, we have tried to go twice now… first time we had a car accident on route there. The second, we ran out of time to stop off during a trip down south and drove through very briefly on the way home. I will get there one day and this post only makes me more determined.

  5. Emma

    I LOVE Bath, and your day out sounds fantastic.  Love the look of the shop and the restaurant too.  I keep saying to Mr R that if and when we move back, we should consider beautiful Bath! 🙂 

  6. Rachel

    I’m spending a day in Bath in August with my boyfriend’s German parents, and I was wondering where I should take them … the veggie cafe looks perfect! Other than the Roman Baths, do you have any insider tips as to what you should do if you just have one day in the city?

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