Clevedon Court


In our continued explorations of local National Trust places, we had somehow over looked Clevedon Court. It’s a short drive from Bristol, failure to visit is possibly due to limited opening hours. The house and gardens open at 2pm, and it is closed on alternate days.

We stopped off in Clevedon before our visit. The waterfront and pier at Clevedon is perfect to fill a morning. The pier was pier of the year in 2013 and is worth a walk along, the pleasure is in its simplicity, no slot machines or candy floss, just a small cafe in a glass house at the end, it is a joy.

Arriving at opening time, it turns out that Clevedon Court’s limited opening hours are due to it being lived in, which I loved. Wellies behind the door, a window open up stairs. Mysterious doors marked private. The house small but stuffed with history, pictures to browse, artifacts to admire. Each room has a willing volunteer able to point out the graffiti on the window etched by a child in 1867 and answer questions on the locally made glass curiosities.

The terrace gardens back woodland, which offers walks to lengthen a visit. The garden is lovely explore, just don’t roll on the grass there are currently ticks, blood sucking things that can make you ill. We still loved exploring the garden without rolling on the grass. There is also, less a cafe, more a tea stand, in an open sided barn, serving drinks and obligatory irresistible National Trust cakes. Clevedon Court makes for a lovely afternoon.










  1. Debra

    Love, love, love anything like this! Don’t you find, when a door says private it makes you really want to go in, haha. I always marvel that people actually live in places like this, it’s like a dream!

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