Camp Bestival 2014 Top Tips


Is almost upon us, the excitement is at fever pitch, we may self-combust with joy; Camp Bestival, a four-day family festi-holiday, in a beautiful campsite by the sea.  It is within sight and it all kicks off on 31st July.

Our list of things to do and see is growing as Camp Bestival add more and more. Our music choices are many: we are thinking De la Soul, James, Johnny Marr, Chas and actual Dave.

Mr Tumble is a Camp Bestival classic must-be-part-of. Can it be true; Pans People? This year I will make the Guardian Literary Institute and my OH wants to worship at the altar of  a Classic Album experience, it’s a vinyl thing?!

We shall return to the Wall of Death for more motorcycle stunts, top of my 6 year old’s list. I’m so looking forward to Project Wild Thing and The National Trust 50 Things meadow, regular browsers of this blog will know those are initiatives I love. We intend to so some family disco dancing. My food collective choices are lined up.

Once there, experience has taught us, we will stumble upon things and get side tracked by model making, knights on horse back or an unexpected performance. That is the magic of Camp Bestival.

The theme this year is the circus. There will be dressing up. If fancy dress isn’t for you my festival clothing tips are here .


This will be my 3rd Camp Bestival and so I share with you;

My Camp Bestival Top Tips

Revisit instructions for putting up that tent that hasn’t seen the light of day in a while before you leave. Many a partnership is tested in tent erection.
Warm clothing for evenings.
Trolleys are at a premium on arrival days.  Be prepared to carry stuff.
Comfortable, warm bedding. A good nights sleep makes all the difference.
Sliders or flip flops, any quick pop-on footwear for that nip to the loo in the night.
Breakfast items for hungry waking children.
Suncream and sun hats.
Water bottles, if it’s going to be hot, it’s important to be hydrated people. There are plenty of water stand around the site.
Rucksack or a cross-body strap bag. Arms free for waving in the air.
Baby wipes, bring a packet more than you think you will need. They are invaluable for sticky fingers and sweaty armpits.
There are bars galore but should you bring alcohol the festival is glass free. Decant or bring a wine box. The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club who will be delighting Camp Bestival goers from her own 70’s tourer; recommends Tesco Simply Cotes Du Rhone 31 wine box.

Lost Children
Children do occasionally get lost, Camp Bestival is a family festival, packed with families willing to comfort a child and scan a crowd for an anxious looking adult. Failing that, security are a friendly prevailing presence, practiced in quickly reuniting children with parents. Every child gets a wrist band which is labelled with their responsible adults phone number.
My very top tip
Camp Bestival is a time to ignore calls and texts, forget social media and screens, live in the moment with your family. That way your battery lasts longer, just in case!

Camp Bestival specialises in making memories that last a life time. Be Part of it!


Penny and me. You can read my review of Camp Bestival 2013 here, and Penny’s definitive Camp Bestival packing list here.

I am Camp Bestival Official Blogger. All words, opinions and enthusiasm are my own.


  1. Lynsey Luke


    This will be our second visit to camp bestival with our 8 & 4 year old girls- we have already started pimping our festival trolley! I agree with all your tips, we are so excited!!! :))) 

  2. 76sunflowers

    I love your point: it’s a time to forget social media and screens, live in the moment… Perfect words. The phone will be switched off and stashed away – life’s too short to worry about charging it up and there’s plenty of time on return home to go mad on IG etc. I’ve charged up my trusty, some might say vintage, digital camera so a snap with you would be much appreciated 🙂 See you soon x 

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