Summer 2014

*snaps fingers* …. and back in the room. Hello! Yesterday was back to school  and for the first time in 6 weeks, that flew past, I seemed to have time to stop and take stock.  Today has been a flip-flops day, summer has not completely deserted, it just seemed to go so very quickly.

Circumstances forced a blogging break. Last week we were in London at my Dad’s, he has no internet,  I’d hatched a plan to disappear to a cafe when my laptop decided to stop. Instead, I read a lot of the Caitlin Moran Book, How to Build a Girl. I loved her previous book and I had such high expectations, am hoping I will fall for the book, before the end, at the moment it isn’t grabbing me. Today I’m up and running again and catching up .

Glorious long sun worn days are the days I relish, this summer provided enough of those to feel like a good one. Days when the best way to cool off  was to find water. Another summer we didn’t leave these shores and didn’t need to. Having enough to do locally and beyond. Some standouts where: Camping. Poppy Fields. An afternoon cycling in London. The boy who climbed his first mountain.

Summer is for friends and we had trips to the parks, friends that visited and we found new friends. Which is ironic, considering that before the holidays I felt bereft of friends.  Sunshine brings out the best and there are good people near and far. One of the best weekends was a trip back to the North, two glorious days of water fights and loom bands, we ate every meal outside, lazed and but mostly revelled in the company of good people.

Camp Bestival was, again, amazing and on the way home we stopped at Durdle Door, I didn’t swim in the sea, which I regret a bit now. From the frenetic of festival to the calm of Pembrokeshire, sea views and another perfect afternoon catching up with old friends at the beach. I suspect this summer is the last of that toothy smile, he desperately wants a visit from the tooth fairy.


Despite beginning the holidays with boundless enthusiasm, I always seem to reach a point where I’ve had enough, I want the merry-go-round of Lego/park/Deadly 60 to halt. I have an overwhelming urge to get off! I was saved by a trip to Westonbirt and sanity of other parents. Westonbirt arboretum has really caught me and I want to spent more time there. We also managed  staple holiday activities, including trip to the zoo and the Wild Place.  August Bank holiday was in Hampshire, of which more to come in the next few days. We’ve been spotting birds  spurred on by seeing a king fisher in Somerset and bright green parakeets in London. I’m slowly turning into Bill Oddie, before the metamorphosis can complete,  I find myself searching for uniform, book bags and year 2 begins. School run woman returns.

A small ‘pressing’ of our summer. This year I have resolved to try to like Autumn more. How was your summer?


  1. Over a Cuppa

    Ours seem to fly by with today being the first day, hence having time to read my favourite blogs! Summer holiday’s are different with teenagers, my last baby turned into one in the holiday’s! Not too scary so far thankfully!

    I actually miss day’s in the park, picnics in nearby place just because the sun is out and just the things you do when the children are little that makes a Summer holiday well a Summer holiday.

    But ours all the same was enjoyed, another 6 weeks okay 4 would be good!

    What is this you not liking Autumn, my favourite season I think. Love the Autumn sunshine, such a nice colour, warmer in colour than the glaring Summer sun perfect for photo’s I think! x

  2. Anya from Older Single Mum and The Healer

    So glad to have caught up with your summer – sounds great, Gemma. We’ve had such beautiful weather here that it’s still like summer and I take the kids to the beach after school, but we miss the not hurrying home and late nights.  I love Autumn, the cold and the sun and the colours. It’s probably the best season to eat hot cross buns, if that helps 😉 X

  3. Grenglish

    Summer went so quickly for us too. Lovely to catch up yours, sounds like you had a fab time and HOORAH to new friends 🙂
    I love Autumn.  Long walks and kicking leaves, sunday roasts and red wine, closed toe shoes, light jackets and floral scarves. Gorgeous!

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