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The Campingaz Xcelerate 600SG is a glorious, leggy, shiny stove with two capabilities grill or conventional gas flame. Combined with design technology which provides greater resistance to wind, thus a more stable flame when cooking in the elements.

I had great plans for this stove this summer, we initially used the stove on one night camping trip, just to get the hang of it. A lengthy camping trip and extensive review opportunity was thwarted by Hurricane Bertha. I don’t think I’ve done the Campingaz Xcelerate 600SG justice, however from the use I’ve had I am sharing my experiences and views. Its won the Camping Magazine Editors choice award for 2014 ‘best kitchen gear’ and I bet they tested it more rigorously than me.


The Xcelerate 600 SG takes moments to assemble and dis-assemble. The legs unscrew and telescope into themselves. It is simple. Brackets under the trays clip onto the legs and protect the legs and the underside of the stove whilst in transit.

The top has a sturdy lid, with hinge to keep it upright and clip catch. The clip catch feels a little bit loose, which makes it easy to use, it’s not a clip that requires effort but on the other hand, it feels a little bit like something we’d need to take care of. The hinge also takes a little getting used to. Overall, the stove is excellent quality, it is sturdy and well designed. I anticipate it is something that will last years. Campingaz Xcelerate 600SG is guaranteed for 2 years.

portable camping stove


The grill lids enable the cooker to be used to directly grill fish or meat or make toast. Follow the instructions it requires the removal of the pan supports and a small amount of water in a reservoir below the grill which catches cooking fats. Our plans to use the grill didn’t work out and I have to be honest and say I’ve not, yet used this function. I did use the stove function.

To use the stove, remove the grill plates and turn the pan supports over, clip into slots provided. Two rings provide good adjustable heat, as good as I have on my cooker at home. It wasn’t windy when we used the stove, the lid can be used as a protector from wind. Maintaining a stable flame in wind is a design feature and it is worth looking at the Campingaz website for more information.

Integrated ignition brings the stove quickly to life.  Having spent years squatting over a tiny, one ring, fold away portable stove, waiting forever for the kettle to boil, cooking on something full size is a revelation. Like swapping an early 70’s Mini for a multi-functional modern Volvo.

I was extremely impressed. I often take a pre-cooked veggie curry camping, which I’ve frozen, it defrosts on the journey. After a drive and then the hassle of unpacking a car and putting up a tent, it is good to have to go no further than your boot to produce something that can be heated to provide a satisfying meal. My favorite is a vegetable curry, add the paneer and peppers at the campsite. Previously, I’ve juggled heating curry then cooking rice, no more, meals cooked quickly and in one go. I would be happy to cook curry from scratch on this stove. The shelves are sturdy, there is lots of storage room, the heat is excellent and the pan holders wide enough for a bigger pan than we used in these photos.

campingaz xcelerate 600


My partner is 6 ft, the cooker stands at a convenient height for him to cook. The shelves on either side are supported by brackets, which initially proved fiddly to fit, but then seemed very obvious. The shelves are really useful and a part of the set up I really liked. In addition, there is a fold away shelf which fits under the cooker, it’s made from a webbing material and held plastic camping plates and various bits and bobs.

storage convenience campingaz


We found that the stove was easy to wipe clean, the space below each ring is accessible and it comes apart neatly.

The joys of life

One of the things I love best in the world is a camping breakfast, I love to sit in the still of the morning whilst the kettle boils and watch the birds. There is nothing finer than an egg fried sandwich eaten in the fresh air. Having used the stove to make a simple breakfast, I can see myself providing extensive breakfasts. I found the limited use of the Xcelerate 600SG really inspiring, it is very functional and it made me want to cook more. My usual default, while camping, is aim for less, when actually, I love a hearty breakfast before a day outside.

Adhere to the manufacturers guidelines

The Campingaz Xclererate 600SG comes with comprehensive instructions, obviously it is a gas appliance and therefore, I would recommend spending time reading the instructions to ensure the gas bottle, valves, hose etc are fitted correctly and the stove/grill is used correctly. We found the instructions clear and had no problems setting up the cooker. The stove requires a butane cylinder type 904 or 907. The 904 is approx £70.00 which can be refilled from £27 (prices may vary, based on Go Outdoors). The stove also requires a Campingaz regulator, hose and jubilee clips, approx £12. These items need to be purchased separately.


It weights around 10.7 kgs. Which, for me, wasn’t a problem carrying, albeit short distances and  getting it in and out of the car. It is a bit bigger than a carry on suitcase.
Campingaz Xcelerate 600SG
The Campingaz Xcelerate 600SG retails at around £100. In my view it represents good value and I would recommend it.

Disclosure: We were given the Campingaz Xcekerate 600SG for review. All words and opinions are my own.


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