Review: Dyson DC59

Am I right person to review a vacuum cleaner? Vacuuming is pretty low on my list of things that interest me. My mother used to have a rigorous vacuuming routine, Mondays and Thursdays. In this house it is ad hoc, half-hearted and no-one takes ownership.

When I was asked to review the Dyson DC59 vacuum, I did wonder if I was the ideal candidate, slovenly is my attitude to house cleaning.

Initially, I liked the Dyson DC59 because it is purple. Our current vacuum is over 15 years old and we were about to move and therefore forced to clean, this proved to be the optimum time to review a vacuum.

Dyson DC59

The Dyson arrived shortly before we moved house and it has been put through its paces. I find it unfathomable how so much dirt amasses behind furniture. Before handing back the rented house, we cleaned it from top to bottom. Every inch, piles of grey dirt behind chest of drawers, inside kitchen drawers, the skirting, lampshades.

Then we cleaned the new house. Which has wooden floors, thick carpet and a big tiled kitchen and eating space.


Is a cordless vacuum and comes with the main pole tool, a crevice tool and a combination tool. It has an additional motorised tool and docking station which can be wall mounted. All the tools click neatly in and out of the main body of the Dyson DC59.
docking station Dyson DC59


It is called the animal and is for “homes with pets”. I don’t have a pet, I have an almost 7-year-old prone to excessive crumbs and I have a lot of fine hair, which does (and always has done) comes out in handfuls, all the time. Living with me is like living with a permanently shedding dog. I think we qualify as a good non-pet owning testers for an animal vacuum.


It shifts easily across various surfaces, wooden floors/carpets. The head is flat and compact, which means I can shove it under the sofa. The cleaning head pivots and rolls in and around corners.

The motorised tool is excellent for vacuuming the grimness that accumulates under sofa cushions if you have small children who eat biscuits or toast whilst distracted by television. It also thoroughly cleans car interiors, without trailing a cord from the house.

It is beautifully designed, the parts click neatly in and out, Conveniently, you can clean it all out.

Dyson DC59 filter

It is bag-less and has to be emptied when it reaches ‘max’ and the filter rinsed once a month. The cylinder is clear and it is easy to see which piece of Lego has just been sucked up (and retrieve it).

Using a coin, the heads of both brushes can be opened and taken out, to remove string or excessive hair, that *might* have been vacuumed up or built up.
Review Dyson DC59

I hate vacuum electric cords, they are never long enough. To vacuum a house there is all the faff of plugging it and unplugging it from room to room. Frankly, it annoys the hell out of me. Don’t even get me started on stairs.
The cordless aspects of the Dyson makes moving from room to room effortless, I stop briefly to remove the head and place it directly on the main body of the Dyson for the stairs. Today, for the purposes of this review, I vacuumed the whole house with the Dyson, it took just over 15 minutes.

Dyson DC59

Boost Mode

Destroys piles of grey dirt that have been deposited behind furniture by fairies.


My partner thinks it is too loud.
There is a knack to opening the cylinder and more than once I’ve tipped the contents over my lap (it may just be me).  There is a depressing irony in re-vacuuming your own dirt from your own legs.
A 3.5 hour charge time and a 20 minute run time.
When “deep” cleaning the rented house, we used the Dyson for the grimmest dirt, corners and crevices. Because 20 minutes run time wasn’t enough.

The Dyson DC59 very portable and light weight (it weights 2.1 kgs)
Absolutely vacuums up everything (except water, don’t vacuum water)
It is compact to store. The small tools all fit into the docking station.
The cordless aspect makes it really easy to use.
Most of the time 20 minutes run time is, in my view, fine.

Which? Make the Dyson DC59 a best buy “great suction and a joy to use”.

‘Joy’ isn’t a word I personally associate with vacuuming, however I think this is great vacuum. I am seriously impressed by how easy and convenient it is to use and how well cleans.

The Dyson DC59 retails at £299 (special offer at the time of writing). It sits at about mid-range in terms of the price of vacuums. It has a range of technical features including carbon fibre filaments, a motor that runs 3 times faster than conventional motors and improved v-ball technology. I am really impressed by it and I do think the Dyson DC59 is good value for money.

You can read a further review here: The Ana Mum Diary

Disclosure: I was sent the Dyson DC59 to review all words and opinions are my own.


  1. Claire

    Great review.  I hate housework but with four kids have to vacuum a million time a day (maybe a teeny exaggeration.  Our old trusted vax has broke, so I’m using a cheapy supermarket one (which is being thrashed by our overuse already) whilst I save up and choose which new one to go for.  I keep considering a Dyson…but I’m so used to my vax.  Cordless sounds great, but twenty minutes wouldn’t be enough for me.  Great idea to cut down on my daily vacuuming mind! x

  2. Adele @ Circus Queen

    I love Dyson vacuum cleaners! We got one for our wedding and it is well-loved. In theory, I like the idea of going cordless as it would remove one of my obstacles to vacuuming (it doesn’t take much to discourage me, to be fair!) but I don’t think twenty minutes would be quite enough for me. But then, I probably don’t vacuum frequently enough! Looks like a great product.

  3. kareen walton

    Hi, Helloitsgemma!

    Thanks for sharing this buying guide, it has an amazing useful content that will help a lot of people. With so many options on market, it’s quite difficult to find the right tool and this kind of articles makes the buying process much easier. I have had several products from Dyson during the time and I can confirm that they are among the best when it comes to vacuum cleaners.

    I really think that everyone that is looking up to purchase a vacuum cleaner should take a look at Dyson. They have not only great products, but also friendly prices!

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