A new library book, a cup of tea and fondant fancy. I ate the fondant fancy because Sarah, aka Mostly Yummy kept posting photos of hers on instagram and in the end, I had to give in an get a packet (three in a row is as much as I can manage). At the moment my head is teeming with, what feels like a millions different things, mostly; decorating, Christmas, things I should have done and back to decorating again. The ritual of a cup of tea and a moment to stop, is very much appreciated.

November is my least favourite month, as I’ve ‘banged on’ frequently, I’m not a fan of Winter and I find no joy in grey days, the cold, desolate leaf-less trees, drizzle. Once bonfire night is passed, November is a bit of drag, it exists in the expectation of all things Christmassy in December; jolly Father Christmas, presents, parties. November is the dull beige waiting room before sparkly December.

Stopping to think about it, I’m probably happier now that I have been in a very long time and I’ve decided to try and be more positive about November/Winter, over on instagram I’m taking part in the #happynovemberproject created by Emily and Hayley. Simply, things that make you happy, it is good to stop each day and remind myself there are good things about November and from that reminding myself to take photos is a space to appreciate the details and the small things and I very much like seeing other people’s happy moments.

Instagram has long been a favourite space there are loads of little projects going on over there. I’m all a bit point and click, very much an “insta” snapper, I wish I was more stylised, maybe if my head was calmer and more ordered, something to strive for?

I like visuals and I like that I can simply ‘heart’ something and move on, it doesn’t (at the moment) over spam me with adverts and compared to other platforms it feels less noisy and pushy and there is much less to get distracted by (unless you count fondant fancies).

Some of my #happynovemberproject
resized insta Nov

Find me on instagram here or join in, post a photo & tag it #happynovemberproject.
I am in the process of making a list of things that are good about Winter (see I’m really trying with this Winter thing) any suggestions gratefully received.


  1. Over a Cuppa

    With these just opened from my inbox your blog is one I ritually love reading with a come of tea. Always guaranteed to enjoy it with gorgeous pictures too!

    November so far has had so really gorgeous day’s that make you forget about the grey and wet ones! Today being one of them!

    Lovely to read that you seem much more content, planting your roots in your new house has been good for you! x

  2. Ben

    That feeling of being in a new house is quite consuming isn’t it? Your mind is full of all the things you want to do it. I quite like November, it’s a quiet month where the dark nights force you to slow down and relax after the summer where every second is full. It’s the lull before the Christmas storm and means I can start eating stews and pies again 🙂

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