Boy’s Bedroom Makeover

Lists, I am a woman who lives by lists. Top of my list when we moved was a makeover for my son’s room. He left a lovely room in the North and moved to plain, boring room in the rented house. Relocating has brought much change for him. I wanted him to have a great space of his own in the new house. I found some wallpaper on-line, red spitfires. What small boy doesn’t love spitfires? The only draw-back being no-one here wants to or can wallpaper. No matter, I thought, I can learn to wallpaper.

Then, of course, we moved and other things jostled for space on the lists, other projects moved up the list and took more time than we’d imagined. We have worked very hard since moving, late nights and early mornings to make the house a home. Tasks that no-one wants to tackle, because it’s tricky and time-consuming, like wallpapering, slipped down the list. Then we ran out of steam.

The thing with lists of ‘things to do’ is there are always things that ‘you mean to do’. Never get around to it. My son’s bedroom fast became a niggling ‘not got around to’.

Then MoneySupermarket stepped in, wanting to know if they could help out with something I’d been putting off…. “Well” I said, “funnily enough, I have some wallpapering, no one here likes wallpapering”. “Perfect” they said. Apparently, MoneySupermarket are all about those things that are easy to put off, like transferring the balance on your credit card, which can save you money, it’s easy not to get around to it, even though it can reduce debt. So, they said, to illustrate how easy it is when someone else steps in, provides all the information and helps you sort things out, we will organise to get the wallpapering done.

MDS Painting and Decorating. decorators in Bristol
Matt, MDS Painting and Decorating.

And they did, organising Matt a Decorator to come along and wallpaper my son’s room. Do you know how hard it is finding good trades people when you’ve lived in a city for 2 years? Very hard. All I had to do was find some time, for Matt to visit and to track down that fabulous wallpaper I’d seen. Huge task, made small. Easy as that. Thank you MoneySupermarket.

You can take a small video tour of before and after here:

Paperboy spitfire wallpaper

Disclosure: MoneySupermarket provided the materials and decorator for this makeover. All words and opinions are my own.

For info: We added the blind which is a John Lewis blackout blind. The Wallpaper is Paperboy.


  1. Emily Beale

    Oh Gemma, it’s gorgeous! We are in the same position Nathaniel’s room is in the process of getting a makeover for birthday/Christmas too! That wallpaper is lush! Totally love it! One happy mumma, one happy little boy!

  2. Penny

    Amazing! This made me feel better about G’s room, I like the idea that all I need is some wallpaper and all the boxes and piles of little boy stuff will blend into the background all look stunning 🙂 Makes such a difference as you rightly say in the vid!

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