Christmas Cheer

This year there has been a flaw in my, usually, obsessively organised Christmas plans. The flaw being the lack of organisation.

Timing is critical, there is organising too early, August being an example of too early, I don’t want to hear ‘Club Tropicana’ while I Christmas shop, I want soothing ‘Last Christmas’. Then there is too late, being trapped in a frenzy of over-anxious shoppers, all in pursuit of something no longer in stock, while ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’ blares out and only strangling an Elf will relieve the stress.

There is the somewhere in the middle, however I’ve seem to have missed that middle and am on a catch-up. Christmas ran off, like a wayward puppy, I am left chasing its tail and vainly, yelling its name, mainly down the phone in pursue of parcels which have yet to appear.

Yesterday, I woke up and my immediate thought was; “what a long week this is”, then remembered it was only Wednesday. My second thought, was “I wonder what time I can go to bed”. I was a cross between the Grinch and a pantomime Grumpy (oh, yes I was). So today, here is my Christmas Cheer (mostly food related).

Any Christmas decoration involving honeycomb paper.
Discovering mulled cider and port. I’ve got as far as purchasing the cinnamon sticks (and the port).
Christmas tea (off of the Harrods Hamper)
Brandy Butter. It may say Barbara’s but it’s very much mine now.
Cranberries Baked in chocolate Brownies. These are for the next batch, which I’ve meant to bake for several days (possibly some have gone off in the meantime).
Edible glitter. Thinking of adding it to anything edible.
After Eights. Not for sharing.
Over decorated Christmas cakes made by small sticky fingers.

Christmas in our own home and no, the tree is not yet up.
The. End. Of. Term. Only one full school day left.

What’s your Christmas Cheer?


  1. Over a Cuppa

    Like you I missed the middle bit so chasing my tail a bit too! Actually online now still shopping then your email dropped in and there is still tea in my cup and that Post Office queue is not that tempting so here I am sharing your festive cheer. Beautiful photo’s, gorgeous yumminess, we are heading into Bath later for late night shopping. I am hoping to get some edible glitter there to add so sparkle to anything edible!

    Our tree went up yesterday, there is Sherry in the fridge and the Radio Times is in the house, everything else will fall into place.

    I am sure I shall be popping back here before Christmas but just in case, I liked to wish you and your lovely family a very happy Christmas in your new home and may 2015 be a year that is kind to us all! xxx

  2. Lianne

    My Christmas cheer is the thought that (after many weeks of packing orders, answering a gazillion emails from customers whose parcel hasn’t arrived yet (thanks Royal Mail), overly tired kids who try every excuse not to go to school or do anything at all) tomorrow at 3:30 I can pick up the kids, crash on the sofa with them, drink liters of hot chocolate…I am looking forward to having them under my wings for 2 weeks, and hear their little hearts beat faster on Christmas morning.
    Would the lovely tea towelled shepherd and his overly organised mum like to meet up in the holidays for a walk in the mud somewhere pretty?

  3. Emma

    I am running around like a crazy person, this is not how it’s meant to be, is it? I want to be chilling gout watching movies not stressing about cards and gifts. 

    Argghhhhh. Have a lovely Christmas Gemma, I’m sure it will all come together, and I love your Christmas cheer. xx

  4. Angela @Little Apple Tree

    My Christmas cheer arrived when we put up the Christmas tree last weekend. Now that I’ve finished with PTA and WI stuff for the year I’m feeling really festive!  We’re going make our gingerbread house this weekend (I’m the only Christmas cake lover in the house) so the house will smell gorgeous!

  5. Annie

    The tree is just up and we are slipping into the festive spirit slowly and gently – all just happy to be back home! Loving the look of the Christmas cake – next year I’ll be able to make one myself! *excited face*
    Merry Christmas Gemma xx

  6. Emma

    Loved this post…  Summed up Christmas and all its hecticness.   We were at home this year, which means I have come back to hellish piles of sorting, washing and tidying!  Bah humbug!   

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