Beach Walk, New Year’s Day

My preference is New Year’s Day on the beach, a British beach, wrapped up against the wind and cold. I’m prepared to say, some British beaches are better in winter, bleak, relatively empty. Beautiful in their simplest form.

New Year’s day seems most suited to being somewhere new, we opted for Burnham on Sea, just because we’ve not been before and it’s not far. I wanted to see the light house, it didn’t disappoint, standing leggy on the sands, staring out to sea. I want to go back and see its beam of light across dark waves.

Somewhere new on New Year’s Day and for me, the beach is perfect. The sea offers long vistas, changing tides, discoveries washed ashore. Just right for a New Year. Space enough to walk undisturbed, to talk, time enough to mull over thoughts and the elements to blow away cobwebs. A good way to begin afresh.

Hello 2015.

How was your New Year’s Day?



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  1. Midlife Singlemum

    You are right about the sea and long stretches of empty beach for contemplating and considering. And the cold, fresh air is much better for this than tropical sun. It’s like everything is new and waiting to start. Happy new Year Gemma. And your photos are really good. xxx

  2. Emma

    Gorgeous.   I much prefer a quiet beach on a windy moody day over a crowded beach in summer!  New Years day for us was a hectic round of goodbyes and get togethers before we started on the journey back… 

  3. Claire

    Beautiful photos.  Sounds like a great NYD.  We actually stay in and have Christmas Day again with the family who couldn’t make the main day! 😉  But, I’m always back on the beach by the 2nd Jan- can’t stay away!  One year I will plan to take part in the Boxing Day and New Year swims that that take place.  They always look like such a fun (if cold!) day x

  4. Penny

    I love this Gemma, such stunning pics of people and of the beach and the stuff on it. Me and Annie spent a sunny day here I think building castles with the families and watching donkeys rolling over in the sand when we went to Somerset yurts, so fab to see it in Winter! What a great place to start the year. We climbed Gotham Hill, which involved lots of chocolate bribes. Wishing you and yours the best in 2015 – your boy looks FAB in that pic 😉 xx

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