Room tour; a gathering space

The main intention this month was to get the back room of the house finished. Did we achieve it? Almost.
It is now a functioning room, it has a sofa/futon which has accommodated its first guests. It is about 95% finished. I was distracted by the tea station and some other minor kitchen/diner adjustments. We painted the walls, he built shelves, I purchased the office cabinet from Ebay and a cushion from Etsy, we jointly bought the sofa and hung up a print. Getting things out of boxes after two years in storage gave me such a warm feeling, being reunited with old friends.

To be completely finished, the room needs additional cushions, a small set of shelves to be painted (not photographed – currently hideous). Something to hold magazines and more on the walls. ‘More on the walls’ is a sticking point. I want ‘things’ on the walls everywhere, the other main adult here doesn’t. I have a collection of postcards from travelled places, I want to cover the house in them. We are in protracted negotiations.
We do both agree on the wall colour. We’ve little outside space, the view is dominated by terrace houses, which I don’t mind, but I want something to brighten my eye. So we went with a Farrow & Ball Churlish Green. Pinterest is full of neutral rooms, broken up with monochrome accessories. This room is so not that, I unashamedly love colour on walls. I love this green and I find it relaxing, despite the pops of other colour and all my clutter. The colour changes with the light and Farrow and Ball colours have lovely depth. The room is a sort of garden room, an alternative living room, a home/office, a spare room, a snug. A space for people to stay/sleep. A room of many functions.




It is a place to sit with a magazine and cup of tea, to watch the birds in the tree outside. The room is full of memories. Things which have meaning for me and which survived the purge of ‘stuff we don’t really need’ before we moved. Bits given to me by my mother on return from holidays. The other shelves hold fossils and shells collected by my son. A vase carried back from Morocco in a rucksack, sits in the fireplace. A jug from an Italian restaurant in New York is amongst bowls and pottery from sunny places in Europe. Gifts from other people; the Japanese cups, an Indian rug. It gathers between four walls various purposes as a room and is a space of gathered memories, prompts, and I think when the weather gets warmer, we will fling open those doors and gather more often in this space.

Having a desk space again is a joy, I’ve photographed it as if I were a 1950’s typist, I did learn to type on that typewriter, in the olden days (not the actual 1950’s btw) and under the desk is a big box of notebooks and things I’ve squirrelled away. De-cluttering is so liberating but in my heart I am still a hoarder, I can’t seem to achieve minimal living.
So are you a minimalist or a hoarder?

Love Chic Living and Love Your Home


  1. Midlife Singlemum

    OMG, OMG when I was about 7 in 1969, I got that exact same alarm clock for my birthday. That was my clock until I got a red rolladex type 24-hr clock for my bat mitzvah when I was 12.  So that’s 5 years I spent watching tin-tin’s head rocking from side to side with each tick. I loved that clock!
    What I was going to write before I saw the clock, is that this room reminds me of when I visited Rembrandt’s House in Amsterdam. There was a momento room, like a personal museum because they didn’t have camera’s then, of things brought back from travels. People had such rooms and would invite friends to come and view like going to a gallery or a museum. 
    I wish you well to use this lovely room. 

  2. Rachel

    I love it! A proper room full of loved things. I can’t bear those over-styled, sterile white spaces in magazines and online. 
    I definitely tend towards a maximalist approach to interiors, myself. Lovely walls colour, too – really unusual.

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  4. Emma

    Love the colour.    Despite living in Scandinavia for two years, I could never have a purely white minimalist room in any of the houses I have lived in, there has to be some colour somewhere!   Love the collection of things from your travels, especially the black and yellow vase! 🙂 

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