Intentions for January; how did it go?


To be honest, I’d forgotten how challenging January is, or I just didn’t want to remember. An empty bank account, bleak wether and very little happens. It is a month of dreaming forward, but also a month when it is easy to be side tracked by gloom. I wasted too much time procrastinating, drank a lot of hot chocolate, ate cake, left over cheese, christmas chocolate, minces pies. An intention for the month was store cupboard eating, I ate all the left over Christmas trash. There’s a photo doing the rounds on Facebook of a possum that broke into a bakery, gorged itself on cake and was then to full to get out again. That.

Frugality, was moderately successful, I stopped buying bits for the back room to keep within budget. It’s been a month of being largely home based, which helped. We did one afternoon in the woods, walking in winter sunshine, me with a camera, him with binoculars and child with a stick. Mostly, it was short hits of green at the park, we also spent time with good people without spending anything much, ticking the frugal box and the happy box.



Positives from January include reading H is for Hawk. Completing the back room (almost). Overhauling my wardrobe was something that I’d wanted to do for a while, drawers full of items I was no longer happy with. Finally, to drag everything out and ruthlessly edit; slot in some sales bargains and hey presto! Like it or not clothes have a huge bearing on how other people perceived us and on our self-concept. I have a wardrobe I am much happier with and that makes for a better start to each day. Whilst on a roll, I did a make-up edit, with advice from the Sali Hughes book Pretty Honest, I am very sentimental about make-up and its associations but it has a shelf life and de-cluttering felt good.

Having set out my intentions turned out to be really good for me, I’m sure a lot would have slipped into the pile of ‘will get around to’ had I not put it ‘on the table’. After Christmas I was utterly fired up with planning, that momentum quickly waned with routine and grey skies. What was ‘on the table’ remained in my sights. Which meant, I found the time to tidy up the blog. Regained my planning momentum and eventually amalgamated everything into a little book of plans. The Susannah Conway workbook fell into a pile of papers and was heading the way of the workbooks of the previous years, except his year I probably wouldn’t have filled it in at all. I found it, gave it some time and I’m really pleased I did, it helped shape my thinking take some of the other plans into something more connected than ‘to do’ lists.

Currently, I’m compiling my intentions for February and they will be on the table next week. I know some other people picked this up and I wonder how they got on? Annie, Rachel, Elizabeth.


  1. Anya from Older Single Mum and The Healer

    I like the idea of setting monthly intentions Gemma – very sensible and not so overwhelming.  Although I’m still  crap at them tbh.  Must try harder.  Lovely pics. Your LO is growing up rather too fast methinks.  As always I love the pace of your writing. When I’m coming over here for a catch up, I get nice and settled on the sofa with my lap top, feet up and a hot drink and just happily get lulled along 🙂 X

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  3. teacuptoria

    Hi Gemma, I really your blog, it’s always so interesting. My January intentions actually went well because I have started my own blog (at last) and have therefore been introduced to all you lovely people. I look forward to reading more of your posts this coming year.

    Tor x

    1. helloitsgemma

      thank you for the lovely comment, really appreciated. Well done to starting a blog – it is a huge leap of faith… the first steps can be the hardest,   and lovely to have you in the community. 

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