Wine on the doorstep: The Grape Club

The Grape Club
This is how I buy wine; supermarket, what’s on special offer. Avoid Chardonnay. The Mr. hates Chardonnay. That is it.

Mostly, the wine is OK. Sometimes, good. Occasionally, it’s very good. I’ve come to appreciate we’ve adapted to mediocre wine.

Supermarkets are something I try to avoid, I shop locally for lots of things, except wine. For me, off licences fall into two camps; strip lights and naff wine or posh, which smell nice, but have the atmosphere of the British Library, slightly stuffy, slightly intimidating, overwhelming choice.

At the start of the month we had wine delivered. The delivery man handed over the tall narrow box, by its handle. My response was excessive excitement. Which caused the delivery man to take a step back. “Wine!” I yelled by way of an explanation. It didn’t repair the awkwardness. To be fair, the box said: ‘The Grape Club‘. Inside, were 4 shiny bottles of wine, each with an additional ‘Alice in Wonderland’ label. “Drink me” they whispered. The labels told of the origins and meaning of the wine, the flavours and notes.

The Grape Club sent the wine, via on-line subscription, they drop wine on your doorstep, every month for £45 (no membership fee and includes delivery charge). Receive 4 themed bottles, each with an informative note written for you and me, rather stuffy wine types. Good wine as an indulgence to be savoured, enjoyed with a little bit to learn. I guess, how wine is supposed to be.

Wine isn’t a cheap item. It is so easy to buy it on a whim and good wine really adds to an evening.

For Valentines we watched Searching for Sugar Man A documentary set in South Africa and matched it with a wine from that country, Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, rich and comforting, perfect for a cosy evening on the sofa.

Malbec, dark fruits, for dinner with a couple of girl friends. This wine goes well with red meat the label said, I don’t eat meat. It partnered very well with roasted vegetables and halloumi and a healthy chocolate mousse courtesy of Deliciously Ella (who knew such a thing existed?).

DSC_0036 2
Celebrated oldest friend’s birthday with pizza and chocolate cake, we’ve not grown out of our teenage favourites, then we would have drunk Liebfraumilch. Our tastes are (slightly) more sophisticated these days and we both appreciated the delicious Albarino, white Spanish wine from North West Spain. The quality wine gave an extra special edge to the evening, I was really pleased to share the bottle with her.


Leaving a Sauternes. Rothschild Moulton Cadet, a sweet wine. It’s expensive to produce and commands a good accompaniment, I’m saving it for an evening of indulgent food and wine, aromatic French cheeses and a Tarte au Citron. Whose in?
DSC_0009 2

Having adapted to mediocre wine, the difference in quality was marked. I enjoyed putting good wine on the table over the last month and would definitely recommend the Grape Club.

Disclosure: I was sent the wine by The Grape Club. They aim to get the UK drinking more exciting wines at more affordable prices. Revolutionising how we enjoy wine. All words and opinions are my own. Cheers!


    1. Ant

      Hey Thinly Spread,

      We’re going to get the next Grape Drop out on Tuesday so we could get it to your husband by Wednesday if that helps? If you drop me an email at I can sort out a birthday card and message for your husband from you which I’ll put in his Grape Drop for you.

      If theres anything else I can help with let me know.


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