Laura Ashley Craft Day

The thing with the internet is there is always someone being more creative and crafty than you, if you are me that is not difficult, I have very little craft experience or knowledge. I like the idea of craft but I never get around to ‘being craft’.

When I was invited to a craft day with Laura Ashley I thought this would be an opportunity to find my inner creative crafter, to be craft.


A gaggle of Bristol Bloggers gathered around a big table, amongst us various levels of craft knowledge. We were guided by the Crafty Hen and over the course of day made two projects. We covered a book, which required over-coming the challenge of double-sided sticky tape. After lunch we made Yo-yo’s, otherwise known as Suffolk Puffs, which required over coming the challenge of sewing.

It was lovely to have the satisfaction of making something, I learnt a little and had so much fun. Crafting with other people is a great way to spend an day, while it’s absorbing and in a way relaxing despite struggles with double-sided tape, it is a wonderful activity to chat over. We laughed over our mistakes and congratulated each other on the triumphs of the afternoon – which were many, while I managed to make a brooch other people made some fantastic creations, which you can see on the Laura Ashley blog (link below).

I used the Summer Palace fabric, off white/duck egg fabric to wrap my book. It’s from the New Spring Summer range, it’s a lovely fabric, beautiful quality. It seemed a shame to wrap it around a book, so when I was offered some fabric to take away I grabbed the opportunity. I have a beautiful swath of Francesca Apple fabric which I shall ask an obliging Auntie to make into a cushion for our bedroom.

I’ve loved browsing the Laura Ashley catalogue there are some gorgeous palettes and I’ve added some of the lighting, fabric and rugs to my wish list.

DSC_0028 2



Photos from the day and more information about the fabrics can be found on The Laura Ashley Blog.

The day was organised by Joe Blogs, they are a great source of Brand and Blogger matching. Bloggers: if you aren’t signed up to their newsletter, I recommend it.

The day was compliments of Laura Ashely and Joe Blogs.


  1. Karen Barlow

    Glad you enjoyed your crafting day Gemma. I used to work for Laura Ashley & they have consistently beautiful product! Thanks for the link to Joe Bloggs, I’ve just signed up so I’m one step away from a new bloggers event hopefully! x

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