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May is easily my favourite month. The length of the days, the possibilities of light, 6 am in May is light and reasonable, whereas 6 am in February is dark and unforgiving. May evenings roll out invitingly, 8 pm, 9 pm, 10 pm – there is still light and often warmth enough to sit outside. May seems to give more time. The bleakness of winter is gone greenery and blossom is everywhere. There is an abundance about May that I love.

Our calendar for May is already etched with various events, in Bristol the festivals are beginning to roll out, there is more than enough to fill the time.

But also, May already?

The idea of intentions was to maximise my year, I’ve been slightly more aware of the turning of the month and of what I put on the table, items ticked off, and things still to be tactual.

I began the list for May and then had a change of heart. This month I’ve decided to keep things simple and scrap the list. I had a long list of things for May, then I compared that to how May was beginning to take shape, people to stay, events.

I decided the only thing I’m putting on the table for May is me.

I’m going to Workfest in May, I want to think about me and employment, which has become a complicated and laden issue and I’ve avoided it, but still it niggles. I seem to be on an endless cycle of ‘to do ‘lists and I want to get off that, take some time. I feel as if I’m endlessly filing a void and actually, maybe I should just live in the void for a bit and see what happens.


ps. I’m also selling an Early Bird ticket to Workfest. Get in touch if you are interested.


  1. Midlife Singlemum

    It’s a good trick isn’t it? You successfully fill your time when you’re not working and eventully you have no time to work. I like the idea of feeling the void for a while and seeing what comes up. I bet some magic will occur. 

  2. older mum in a muddle

    I just had a look at the itinerary for Workfest – it looks really, really good – I hope you get loads from it, and even going to it will help you steer yourself in the right direction: where energy goes, attention flows and all that! And where did May come from? It’s arrived so fast – one of my favourite months of the year! And being in the void for a bit should do you the world of good – it’s where new ideas and clarity will come from. I could do with some void time too! X

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