5 Netflix Picks for Kids at Half Term

5 Netflix Picks for Kids at Half Term

Half term is within sight and I’m in organising mode. We’ve recently joined the Netflix Stream Team, a group of bloggers dedicated to sharing to best bits of Netflix. Any school holiday works best with a mix of activities; other kids to play with, time outside, a few chores (a reminder that the domestic stuff of life doesn’t just happen), days out and some down time, other wise known as TV time, with this in mind we have been browsing Netflix.

Down time gives both me and my seven-year-old time to relax and re-charge, we like to gather on the sofa for some TV. Other times he enjoys the TV on his on while I sit in the kitchen and enjoy some silence or catch up on emails, most parents are familiar with that zone. Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is his happy watch, less my TV of choice.

Here is mine and the 7-year-old’s top picks from Netflix for joint viewing over half term;

The Next Step. Utter guilty pleasure of mine and for some reason also appeals to my 7 year old. A reality/drama about a group of young Canadian dancers and their dance school. We enjoy a debate about the behaviour of Emily, always good to have a least favourite character. Looking forward to catching up with A-troupe.

Adventure Time. Surreal cartoons about Finn and his dog Jake in the Land of Ooo. Mad but very watchable adventures, great for small imaginative minds.

Blue Planet. A Natural History of the Oceans. The BBC does these brilliantly, narrated by David Attenborough and loved by the whole family. Always a winner.

Bambi. It is years since I watched Bambi, my boy is keen. I think at 7 the death of Bambi’s mother won’t be too traumatic. I imagine I will be weeping. Every school holiday should have a classic Disney afternoon, pass the pop corn.

Dragons: Dawn of the Dragon Racers. Animated dragoon adventures from the How to Train Your Dragon stable. Great characters who win in the end. Personally, I’m a fan of Astrid, strong female amongst a predominately male characters.

Happy Half Term. What will you be watching?


  1. Lianne

    Haven’t tried The Next Step…all others are favs here too…
    another Disney one: Alladin, with the voice of Robin Williams as the ghost, never fails to make Pippa & Ike laugh. Oh and the Hunchback  of The Notre Dame, makes them cry a little, but much loved.

  2. Molly

    Adventure Time’s a cult classic! Frog loves it and so does the NLM. He’s a fan of the slightly surreal, crazy stuff – big Mighty Boosh fan right there. I did wonder if Adventure Time was even for kids and apparently it has just as strong a following among adults! 

  3. Annie

    Adventure Time is a family fave here! We’ll have to check out Blue Planet as Ozzy is despondent following watching all the Walking with Dinosaurs progs 10 times.
    Happy Half Term x

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