Intentions July

The school year draws to a close, small people get bigger, endings and new beginnings beckon. From Key Stage 1 we are heading to Key Stage 2, from Infant to Primary. A moment ago it was new uniforms and awkward book bags, wide eyes and nervous new faces and here we are a chapter of life almost done; the infant years. I feel OK with that, in small part due to the happiness good weather brings. Waking up to blue skies and heat first thing in the morning brings out my inner zen. Mornings loaded with sunshine. Mediterranean days of wide open windows and bare feet. Currently, the UK suits me perfectly heat is my happy place.

Apparently, July has begun, I was too busy trying to finish of June and get ahead of myself before the holidays. Does sunshine speed things up? June whizzed by. It was my birthday (I am not sure if I mentioned that??) my intention was to be social and that was good, it paves the way for the summer. The end of the school year is a reminder that I need to limit my intentions to what is achievable. In a few short days all will shift to summer holiday mode.

I’ve started volunteering one day a week for a disability charity, as part of my bigger scheme to ‘create’ something more viable for me. This will have to stop over the holidays, a small child takes priority. Being social in June made me appreciate that while I have focussed on organising child related activities for the summer and that I also need evening socials, time with adults away from monologues on Lego Star Wars (fascinating as they are….).


On the table for this month, is my enamel mug for camping, we are festivalling this month, not Camp Bestival this year, something smaller, all very exciting. I will report back.

My plan is for the National Trust to figure regularly over the summer holidays, Dunster Castle, Brean Down and Corfe Castle definitely on the list.

My intentions to read more often have slipped, I have a pile of potential reads but I’m focussing on one; a re-read of To Kill a Mocking Bird, it is such a good book and I hope to move on to Harper Lee’s new novel soon.

I learnt to my cost this week that forgetting sun protection cream is a foolish thing, don’t be without it people.

Before the holiday’s whip away available time for projects away, I have some of the famed Annie Sloane paint from my Blogtacular goodie bag and an old table,my intentions is some up-cycling in a pinterest inspired style.

Finally, for July, before we make memories this summer, I want to print off some old ones, gather more memories around us. I had some photos printed in a polaroid style, and it has inspired me to get memories off the computer an into frames.

Happy July!


  1. Mari

    i love this post Gemma and you have totally inspired me to write something similar, I’m getting ready for a major shutdown too as the holidays approach and no Camp Bestival for us either, Dorset here we come!

  2. Kelly

    I also got caught out without sun protection on my shoulders when camping this weekend. I was so cross with myself, I know better.

    My intentions for July are just to hang on and get through the end of term and then drink Pimms in my PJ’s.

  3. jfb57

    This is such a great idea of reflecting & planning Gemma. I need to refocus on blogging & life in general now that 100WC is changing. Feel a bit like a death has occurred in the family! your posts help remind me though what is possible!

    1. helloitsgemma

      Oh Julia, hope you are OK. We are so entwined with our on-line selves, change is always tricky.
      I found taking a step back each month and planning some goals, really helpful. Last year seemed to run past me.

  4. Mammasaurus

    Ahhh Kitty too is moving up to Primary, the times are a changing indeed. I look forward to finding out where you are festivalling – we hope to do Forgotten Fields this year too, a limited capacity of 4,000 which is exactly what I need after the WOAH of Glastonbury.
    Good on you for volunteering, I’m sure you will find it ever so rewarding.

    See you Sunday! *mental note to self: Don’t talk to Gemma about Star Wars Lego*

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