Bathroom Wish List


The bathroom is currently top of my house wish list, my current focus of attention. The walls are white, which I’ve come to like and think we will keep. We came across lots of houses in Bristol with the bathroom behind the kitchen, I think our bathroom was there and was moved upstairs when the house was developed.

The housing market in Bristol is so competitive, many people chasing not enough properties, the Estate Agents maintain a tight grip on viewings and relationships between buyer and seller. We never actually met the man who sold this house to us, throughout everything was passed via the Estate Agent. Consequently, we don’t have a history of the house. We know it was gutted before we bought it, by a builder, the interior refreshed and renewed. We think, the bathroom was moved and replaced, because it is all new we can’t justify changing it.


The bathroom is spacious and the bath is great, it is long and wide with taps in the middle. Taps in the middle were always on my bathroom wish list. The bath has a broad rim, perfect for balancing a glass of wine.

I am currently, tinkering with the bathroom, we found an old mirror in a salvage yard, I’ve added a plant stand that was my mum’s, she’d picked it up in a junk shop and painted it white, a spider plant now lives on top of it, shoots trail downwards. Succulents for the window sill.

The bathroom floor is tiled, which is functional but just not what I like under my feet. In the summer it’s OK, in winter, cold ceramic under toes still warm from the duvet – ooooh, I don’t like it. If I could change one thing it would be that bathroom floor. I’d replace it with vinyl flooring, which is what I had in the house in the North. Practical and warm. Vinyl used to have a bit of poor reputation for not being very stylish, when the opposite is true. There are some statement bold styles, my preference is plain. I like simplicity in bathrooms, white flooring; calm, uncluttered, relaxing.

Flooring inspiration:


My bathroom wish list:

New flooring. A big shelf along one wall, I am thinking reclaimed wood, for a rustic modern feel. Some kind of little cupboard for all those lotions and potions that gather in the bathroom, to paint white. I’ve been scouring second-hand shops with no luck so far. Heated towel rail and a whole set of new, expensive, fluffy towels. Bliss. Less bathroom more spa room.



  1. Angela @Little Apple Tree

    I have slight bathroom envy. My bathroom could never be described as huge!!  

    I’m currently pricing up ripping out the beige/ivory/cold porridge coloured suite and replacing it with white.  I’ve also been eyeing up shower wall panels instead of tiles as I think they’ll make the room look bigger and a wall-hung sink unit to make the floor easier to clean and keep the clutter down.  I’m going for “Boutique Hotel Bathroom” and splashing out on a slab of stone for the windowsill (no grout lines to clean there either!) and the stone should hopefully soften the look…  I have yet to get Dave to agree to any of this, though!!

  2. Emma

    You should see our temporary Bavarian Bathroom, as much as the rest of the house is fine, it’s like something straight out of an 80’s catalogue!  😀    I compensate by having nice towels and reassuring myself that as it’s not mine, it doesn’t really matter! 😀  

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