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After a slightly shaky start, we have found the holiday rhythm. August rolls in bringing slow-down, holiday time. July sped away, I had intentions, a small window of time before the holidays, then July just seemed to disappear. I want to savour the holidays, master that, instead of trying to be a jack of all trades, it helps to keep a good rhythm.

Here I am early on Sunday morning, while the rest of the house is sleeping, tweaking this post. Attempting to shoehorn in extra slices of time, when should be a. dozing or b. reading yesterday’s Guardian (ran out of time yesterday). I’m not happy with the photo (see above) either, but it was all a bit hurried. In fact the photo should probably include buckets and spades and crab lines, that is where my heart lies in August.

I’m longing to close the laptop for a bit. I’m a bit ‘meh’ with the internet at the moment. I wrote a long gloomy post about my current relationship with the internet but having slept on it, I decided on a short more positive post. Refresh a little and perhaps come back with some solutions, rather than gloom. Am hoping to find some inspiration with paper and pages.

A magazine given to me by my friend Annie. A big, fat Kate Atkinson novel I’ve meant to read for ages. Well, if I have time on my hands, I might do some life planning, so I added a notebook from Blogtacular. A book from my friend Lianne – I’ve meant to read since she gave it to me. Ironically, it is advice on doing one thing, reducing distractions. I shall over look that I have loaded the table with other preoccupations. I might ditch the life planning notebook. I should probably just read the ‘Do one thing’ book….. or maybe that will change my life and the notebook will be completely handy. I really want to stop a need to do everything all the time, even for a couple of weeks.

August is a about stepping back a little, spending time looking at different horizons, before the ‘back to school’ and routine of September. Thinking about September makes me shudder a little. “Do one thing Gemma”. Do August.

Enjoy August. What have you got planned?


  1. Emma

    I know what you mean about July and a we’ve also had a shaky start to the holidays. I think it takes a while to slow down sometimes, to relax into the holiday rhythm doesn’t it? 

    i hope you have an amazing August Gemma, and don’t think about September just yet. xx

  2. Carie

    I’m firmly refusing to even contemplate September just yet, there’s still lots of August to go! I hope you enjoy Taproot, it’s one of my current favourites there are so many lovely articles in it!

  3. older mum in a muddle

    I so agree…. Looking forward to simmering dow a bit this month – we are going on holiday for a couple of weeks from mid August which I’m really looking forward to – down to the East Sussex coast and then Centre Parks which will be a brand new experience. I really enjoyed Life After Life. X

  4. Emma

    There’s something in the air I think re. the internet.  I am sick of it sucking my life away…   BUT instead of thinking I must write a post every two days as has been past my mantra in the past, while life and travel have been hectic instead I have written when I have had time, and when I feel like it, and I feel quite happy with that!  🙂

  5. Jfb57

    I so need to unplug and rest my brain I think. Starting the blog again has seen me diving into too much advice & help that my head is spinning. A bit of relaxing in the garden with a book would be fab.

  6. Purple Ella

    I’m definitely avoiding thinking about September, plenty of August left. I’m also feeling a bit meh with the internet, lost my blogging mojo. Perhaps we need a Bristol bloggers support group to inspire each other, and help each other out? I’d be happy to organise a monthly meet?

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