Throwing a Friend out of a Plane


There are things in life I don’t hold with, things like; keeping snakes, eating Marmite and jumping out of planes. I just don’t understand Snakes….they do nothing except stare in a creepy fashion and eat dead mice whole. What is even in Marmite?

Jumping out of a plane; rushing too fast towards the hard surface of Earth while hoping that your parachute might open. Does anyone need that much adrenaline? Apparently, my friend Jane does.

At this point, I wish to point out, that although the post is entitled “throwing a friend out of a plane”, it was entirely something Jane wanted to do. I’ve no idea why but it was something that would make her happy. Who doesn’t want their friends to be happy?

Jumping out of a plane was on Jane’s list of things she has long wanted to do. This year she walked up a mountain in Morocco, I think she enjoyed it, she did it to raise money for diabetes research. Jane works very hard to keep all the metaphorical balls in the air, for Jane’s back story and the various challenges she has faced over the last year, have to dig around on Jane’s blog.

Anyhow, Jane could do with something amazing, something for Jane that she just has to turn up to, she doesn’t have to raise money or think about anyone else (except, in this case she may have had to check her life insurance and possibly consider the future of her children… but hey! Minor details!). Other people *cough* might like afternoon tea at Fortumns. Challenges make Jane happy.

MoneySuperMarket got in touch and asked me if I’d like to nominate someone special, bring a smile to their face by clearing one important item from their to-do list. Something, they’d always wanted to do, but life just sort of got in the way…. and I nominated Jane, because lately, life got in the way.

MoneySuperMarket helped me prove that around every corner there is a little bit of happiness, just waiting, sometimes it just takes a bit of time and some organising. Thank you MoneySuperMarket!

Watch Jane jump out of plane and note how great her hair looks, despite having worn a rubber hat! Brilliant!

To discover more about MoneySuperMarket Balance Transfer Your Life click here. Search #BTYL on social media. Until the end of August anyone has the opportunity to nominate someone special too. Who would you nominate?


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