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Said often, September is about fresh starts and I’m not ready. The last few days have been blue skies and warmth, the chill of darker evenings, just holding off. I have to accept that Autumn is creeping in. I need to adjust to a change in the season, we are all adjusting to a new school year. We’ve been blackberrying, added to early picked apples, pies and crumbles, comfort food of Autumn, forged food for being tucked up on the sofa. I struggle to accept Autumn.

School went back yesterday and I feel as if we strung August out for an extra week, pre-school treats and adventures. The holidays starting unsteadily, August bloomed to be a good one. The focus for August was off-line and September intentions are late, for the same reasons. My energy has been elsewhere on; book bags and labels, final days out. The last few days have also been about trying to rein in late nights and slow mornings. Ready for alarms. The clock and structure of school. I am not prepared for September, so being honest, my intentions this month are not on the table, they are at the desk.

September is about catching up, that have been left idle or on a to do list. September is about re-finding rhythms of routine, gathering accumulated ‘to do’s” from across the summer. Finding some head space, re-focusing. Over the year, each month I have had an idea of my intentions, notes and plans, not in September. There is a jumble of ideas on my head but no clear winners or direction. A slight fog, while I readjust, it’s as if everything sped up and slowed down. School speeds up the day, while an empty house feels slower, child noise absent. I’ve spent yesterday and much of today, drinking tea and not sure where best to start.

I am very aware that August was simplified, reading. Do one thing. I read ‘Do one thing’ – food for thought, thought I’ve not yet given time to. ‘Life after Life’ is a book about fate and the idea that what if you could re-route fate. Ceasing the day, focusing a month at a time, isn’t exactly re-routing fate but it about trying to remain focussed, making the most of time. I am aware of the intentions I had, almost all of July’s intentions fell by the wayside, sometimes life gets in the way, time slips through fingers. I didn’t get around to life planning. While I turned myself to printed pages in August, emails piled up. Blogging and the community aspect of blogging, visiting other blogs ignored.

For September, I want to create some order. Tidy this desk. Sort through the piles of papers, re-visit scribbled notes and plans. Re-find my rhythm. Tick off small things that got forgotten. Bring order to the desk as much as my head. The next two weeks are already filled with things delayed over summer. We are back to Trevella in September. I anticipate September will steam by, all too quickly, an express train month, quickly disappearing into a tunnel and emerging in October. I will be ready for October. More focussed, more organised. Prepared for the shift in seasons. Maybe.

How was your Summer? Who else is still adjusting to September?


  1. Midlife Singlemum

    It’s extremely hard to adjust to September here when we are still getting heatwaves with temps in the 90s. Luckily September gives me a couple of second chances – my birthday on the 4th allows me to squander the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Then Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) is next week on the 14th. I’m aiming to start the year proper then, or maybe after the holiday. Maybe September is just about psyching yourself up to knuckle down in October? 

    1. helloitsgemma

      That is still so hot, at a time when I think mentally we are ready for cooler weather. I think that is a great way to look at September. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year. x

  2. Ben

    It’s a funny transition month isn’t it? We’re adjusting to school for the first time which feels really odd. I’ll be honest though I do like autumn, I’m not one for being out in the heat so love the falling temps and the fires and comfort food. 

    1. helloitsgemma

      School is such a structure and such a change. I remembering it feeling very odd. For the first week or so I loved the school run, then I was “I’m so over this”. Then you adjust again and accept the new norm.

  3. (Mostly) Yummy Mummy

    I was so determined to squeeze every last minute out of this summer holiday that I’m not quite ready for September. It has sort of crept up and caught me by surprise. My youngest two went back to school on Monday and my eldest two go back tomorrow. I think I need to take a breath this week then take a leaf out of your book and get on with being that bit more organised!

  4. Emma

    What you need to do is accidentally turn the internet off, have a complete fit about it and then end up cleaning your office for three hours in a temper before realising what you have done!  😀   I love this time of year, the summer heat we have endured just about finished me off! 😀

  5. Kelly

    Oh I was hoping I would be all fired up and organised for September but alas I am not. I do have more free time which is nice, but I am not quite making the most of it. It is all new and needs new routines, but right now I am just trying to enjoy the lovely weather and make sure everyone settles into school again (and in Kate’s case for the first time) and then i will get on with it. Honest 😉

  6. Annie

    I must admit I love September, the whole promise of Autumn fills me with a new vigour and keenness to get things done. Slowly I’m working through my to do list and once it’s all done I’ll freestyle without committing to anything else 🙂
    She says…

  7. Anya from Older Single Mum and The Healer

    Hi Gemma, Same here re September. I feel like we haven’t had an August when plans to loll about on the beach regularly never came off re the weather!  Can’t quite get to grips with the rain and wind already here when we haven’t yet been blasted by the sun so welcome a little breather.  It’s always hard to gear up again after the lie ins and late nights and the children are always such lovely company as they get older (most of the time anyhow!), so am completely with you.  Hot chocolates and marshmallows are a comin xx  

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