7 Netflix Documentaries I loved

Netflix Documentaries
Netflix, it seems is great for documentaries. For a while, I’ve been meaning to watch Tig. I didn’t know much about ‘Tig’ other than it was a documentary about a comedian with cancer and that it was worth watching. Lots of evenings didn’t feel like the right evening to immerse myself in the life of someone struggling with cancer.

Then it rained all day and I ended the day feeling a bit ‘meh’ and I thought, “I’m going to watch Tig, eat loads of chocolate and probably weep”. Some days a good cry can be cathartic. I watched, tissues on hand, fully expecting tears. I didn’t cry. It warmed my heart, the subject matter is heavy but shared with a light and very humourous touch. Mostly, it’s about love and the joy of life. Tig is food for the soul.

Having Netflix allows me to revisit documentaries I’d loved. Recently, I have re-watched some old favourites and found new ones to enjoy. I thought I’d share my current 7 favourites, including Tig this is actually 8 (details, details).

Docs For Thought Provoking

‘Truth is stranger than fiction’ is probably the reason I love documentaries so much, real lives at their most fascinating. Both these films feature challenging characters, who single mindedly pursued their goals.


I first saw this documentary with a group of friends. We debated this film for twice as long at it took us to watch it. The Paskowitz family, parents who dropped out and took their 10 children on the road. Surfing everyday, creating board champions and from the outside the most idyllic childhood. Now adults, this looks at their lives now and revisits their childhood via interviews and memories.

Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story

Lance Armstrong laid bare. The strength of this film is in the people that he attempted to silence. Betsy Andreu is particularly inspiring.

Docs For Life Enchancing

At first glance a research based documentary on happiness and film about the manager of a Rock Legend might not appear to be linked and the latter at face value, not necessarily life enhancing. I’m fascinated by what makes us happy and Super Mensch has a lot to say about what brings happiness.


Happiness explored and examined. Global comparisons of what works and what doesn’t. Invest in a little more happiness, watch ‘Happy’.

Super Mensch

Seth Gordon is the long-time manager of legendary rocker Alice Cooper. This is his story. I watched this twice within 24 hours, utterly loved it. Wall to wall celebrity stories, with a big heart. From Alice Cooper to the Dalai Lama. Unexpectedly life enhancing.

Docs For Fashion

Essentially, all these three have fashion at their heart. However, they are all so much more than that. All set in New York, each revolves around creative and passionate individuals.

Advanced Style

Ageing with style. Ari Cohen began photographing older and stylish women on the streets of New York, sharing his photos via a blog, the phenomenally successful Advanced Style. For some of the women featured regularly, it changed their lives. Seven of them share their style and thoughts on growing older.

The September Issue

What it takes to put together the iconic American Vogue. The September Issue is the biggest issue of the year. This behind the scenes film features the apparently indomitable Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour and unexpectedly casts light on the fabulous Grace Coddington, Creative Director and Tour de Force when it comes to dealing with Anna.

Bill Cunningham

The blue coated and utterly charming Bill Cunningham photographs street style and society style for The New York Times. Out in all weathers, he cycles about New York looking for people and trends to turn his lens upon. This documentary attempts to discover a little more about Bill, a character now in his 80’s, utterly passionate about fashion. Love photography, love Bill.

Anyone else got any documentary recommendations?

I’m a member of Netflix #streamteam. I receive a subscription to Netflix. All words, preferences and opinions are my own.


  1. Emma Farley

    Ah, I saw Surfwise by accident – The Boyfriend had it on and I caught most of it. Super interesting and it made my eyes leak at the end. Also watched a really cool doc on Netflix recently about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and another with Kevin Smith interviewing Stan Lee. Loadsa cool shit on there! 🙂

  2. Emma

    We recently had a German film director at the school giving an inspirational talk.   I had never heard of him before, but went home determined to watch one of his films.   I watched the documentary style Grizzly Man which was incredible, odd and quite sad.   Especially as it’s all true… 

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