Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil

Bath & Unwind got in touch and asked me to review Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower oil. Firstly, I said yes, because they are small company and Bristol based. I like the intimacy of small and the passion of a “dedicated team of beauty junkies” appealed.

I popped over to the Bath & Unwind site, it is easy to navigate and I’m keen on a beauty site with reviews. What other people have to say about a product matters. Because, let’s be honest, the beauty industry is enormous and full of promises, pile on the innovations and mass of alternatives and it becomes overwhelming. Much of what makes it to the pages of magazines in based on associated advertising. Cult products are born from word of mouth, the enthusiasm of users, beauty reviews by individuals do matter to me. Bath & Unwind have curated a collection of products some familiar, some less so, the emphasis is on quality, it ticked all my on-line boxes.

Bath & Unwind sent me Aromatherapy Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil, inside the purple box was a lovely glass vessel. It compliments my bathroom, an ornament rather than a garish plastic bottle. It would make a beautiful gift. To yourself or a friend. It looks and smells divine.

Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil
There is always room in life for a little luxury, those small experiences that enhance the moment. Beauty products are for me, the perfect example of having a small bit of luxury, I may never be able to afford the handbag, but I can have the nail varnish. I’ve always loved luxury products for the bath. A long hot bath (with a book or a magazine) is my indulgence. More so since becoming a parent, time alone to relax and unwind.
The instructions suggest a capful to your bath, the bottle contains 20 “experiences”. To be honest, mostly I’ve been eking it out, a few drops, rather than a capful each time. The scent is subtle, not over-powering or synthetic.

Aromotherapy Associates have designed the product to Deep Relax and enhance sleep. The whole capful experience, fills the room with a gorgeous scent, it is immersive and indulgent and utterly, relaxing. I am a worrier, an over thinker, a brow furrower. I find it hard to switch off and, unsurprisingly, I often sleep badly, Deep Relax, promised to be restful and tranquil and after a long bath indulging in the scent and the oil, my skin felt soft and I was left feeling relaxed and calm. I slept better and woke feeling rested. Each time I’ve used it, it calms my soul. I’ve been using the product for nearly 4 weeks, it has seen me through a trip to Legoland (don’t ask), pre-return to school stresses and nerves. It has improved my September, colder days, dark evenings malaise. I may now be addicted.

My partner read the ingredients and suggested Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax was expensive. It contains vetivert, camomile and sandalwood, essential oils associated with relaxation. It retails at £45.00 for 55 ml. Small luxuries, are in my view, an anecdote to life’s challenges and stresses. Small things that make a big impact by virtue of their indulgent nature. Things to cherish and save. The evenings are drawing in. It is the time of year, to spend long evenings in the bath with a good book, to be thinking of present lists and gifts.

I can’t recommend Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax enough, don’t take my word for it. There are over 70 positive reviews on the Bath & Unwind site.

Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil

aromatherapy associates deep relax bath & shower oil

Aromatherapy Associates, Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil

Disclosure: I was sent this item to review. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Mammasaurus

    Ah to relax in a nice deep bath! Alas my one bath time of this week was this evening (fear not I shower the rest of the week) was interrupted by not one but two children visiting the loo. They sure know how to bring the mood down….
    For this I would lock the door!

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