Intentions October

How has your day been? In a boring and unglamorous development, I’ve tidied and cleaned the house. The reason I share this, is because I feel as if I tumbled through September, like Alice down a rabbit hole, barely touching the sides. I don’t think I’m alone in having high hopes for September and finding it a month that went by too fast and I never quite caught up. The house is now in some semblance of order, I took the small luxury of making a pot of tea and stopping for a while, a little stillness, a few deep breaths. Caught up with myself. Re-wrote lists, caught up on a some niggling outstanding items.

Then I created a few blank pages for October. October might be my new ‘September’, am thinking fresh starts and plans.

September has some highlights a weekend in Cornwall and a day at Yeo Valley. My boy went back to school, a new school and he is absolutely thriving and this makes me very happy. He is a good place. I’ve been hanging on, feeling that I needed to be around for this change and now it’s taken place and good so well, it means I can step back. In stepping back, it’s allowed me to stare in the void and face some realities, this has been daunting.

Sunny days in September have created a false sense of security. That I can hang on to summer and try and ease into autumn. I’m not good with autumn, leaves in the gutter and dropping temperatures the prelude to winter. Adjustments; return to school, fresh places, seasons, circumstances, maybe it was all too much for September. Here we are in October and I feel as if I have a little bit more clarity.


So, intentions for October. Over the year, I’ve reduced my intentions on the table because less is more, and often I don’t accomplish all that I hope to. The year has slipped by at alarming speed. October is in the last quarter of the year. I feel as if I need to somehow hurry. This morning, I’ve taken a bit of ‘stock’. Reminded myself of what I have achieved, rather than dwelling on what I haven’t. Life, houses, families has a habit of constantly creating ‘things’ that need sorting out. Finding order isn’t always easy.

TV Guide. Over the last month, I’ve enjoyed curling up on the sofa, watching Netflix and TV (currently my big weekly watch is Dr Foster and new series Grand Designs. They clash! Double whammy Wednesday). I want to do more of this as the evening draw in, light a candle find a bit of time for headspace and, as much, switching on and switching off, TV is perfect for that.

Warm clothes, it is time to do a wardrobe re-stock, I have the Hush catologue, paper pages are so much nicer to browse, my wrist warmers, from last winter are out and ready for cold weather walks, October half term. I need to make plans.

New notebook (a present) for autumn/winter plans. I can’t use the word, but you know the one I mean ‘C’. That. Let us speak no more of it.

More browse-able paper; John Lewis magazine. We have been in the house a year in October, there are things outstanding. This morning I’ve ordered lights for the living room, creating a winter snug is now a priority.

My Mother’s china is now in my possession. The jug plus three boxes of vintage and retro china, this is only a small part of her collection. I need to unpack and decide what happens to it next, it won’t all fit in here. It’s task I’ve avoided in September, in October I will tackle it.

Finally, a blank blog planner. This October this blog is 5 years old!

Happy October.



  1. Chris @thinlyspread

    I’m really not sure where September went. I like this ‘intentions’ series of yours, this taking stock and making plans. My head and my desk are a jumble, I should do the same. My October will be full of walks with my camera and less time indoors – I am always more productive when I get out and now that I am not really needed as much in the daytime I can do that, can’t I? Yes, I can. 

  2. Lianne

    Snuggle up on the sofa, watch Bloodline and the amazingly delicious Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders on Netflix. Oh, and do do do watch Get Low, Houdini, Calvary, The Help, Cinema Paradiso, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Detachment, The Railwayman…that should keep you going this month 😉

    Glad to hear the boy is so happy…very very pleased for you both…brave step that is paying off xxx

  3. Zoe

    I love the idea of intentions for each month.  I can hardly believe it is October already, my intentions for the year have fallen away so taking stock each month seems like a much better idea.  I’m also looking forward to cozy nights on the sofa as the evenings get darker and I like the sound of planning what to watch so I don’t end up flicking through the rubbish on all the channels!

  4. Molly

    I always think October is a great month for intentions, much better than new year! Best of luck with them all. Your mother’s jug is absolutely beautiful, but can imagine the task of sorting through the boxes and deciding what to do is a big task. I need a blog planner too – WordPress announced to me that my blog was 5 years old the other day too – where did that time go, I’m still muddling along!

  5. Karen Barlow

    There must be something about October that makes us all want to prepare our nest for the long Winter ahead, as I too have spent a couple of days last week, clearing & cleaning, taking bags to the Charity shop and doing some ebay. I’m trying to lead a simpler life, which means less possessions and less clutter and hoping it also means less ironing and less decisions to make about what to wear for the week ahead. I know though, as an insatiable hoarder, the simplicity won’t last long, but it’s nice while it does. I love Hush and also have a few things on my wish list, like I said the simple life won’t last long 🙂

  6. chickenruby

    I too prefer a magazine/catalogue/book to flick through and had so many draft, half unfinished blog posts, that I’ve started blog planning with pen and paper.
    I love your mums china, I inherited my grans and use it almost every day. I’ve also replied to your comment on my blog, thank you

  7. older mum in a muddle

    I always really enjoy reading your intentions posts. I find I have to start slowing down a little at this time of year, although I always want to do more. I suffer from asthma, so I’m very vulnerable to any cold and virus and bug going, and so far, I’ve already had a cold that’s lasted nearly two weeks. And when my lungs get raspy, it sucks the energy out of me too, and then even yoga can become a challenge. I do like all the colour at this time of year, and when the sun shines, everything does look so beautiful. Now where’s my inhaler? X

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