Helloitsgemma the blog is 5. I'm throwing a party.

Helloitsgemma (yes, I still insist it’s all one word) is five. Which is dog years, and I like to think of this blog as a mixed breed, medium dog, is 40 years old. Blogging years don’t equate to normal years. At 5 years, this is a pretty old blog, 40 is about right. That seemed to be reason enough to throw a party and invite some of my favourite bloggers. It was tricky deciding who, there were so many others I wanted to ask. Please don’t feel shy, everyone is welcome. Say hello in the comment box.

This week will be a bit blog centric. You might want to check out if that’s not your thing. Three days of posts sourced from the souls below.

The guests

The thing that blends all these bloggers together is an enthusiasm for putting themselves on the internet, for reaching out to others and finding the joy in life.

Rachel Midlife Single Mum

I haven’t met Rachel, we may never meet. She has been a constant in my blogging comment box for 5 years. I love her forthright approach. Her beautiful face shines from her blog now, for a long time that was hidden, times change. Rachel’s blog, for me, is an insight and a connection into a life different to my own, but one with many similarities. I think it is easy to think we know a nation and a people from the media, Rachel demonstrates life is so much more than that.

Sarah Mostly Yummy Mummy

A constant in my blogging life, Sarah makes it all seem effortless. Always there in some form, writing accessible and friendly posts. Making lovely squares on instagram, long before it was a thing to make lovely squares. On twitter issuing brilliant opinions without actually offending anyone. I love her choice in crisps.

Molly Mother’s Always Right

Molly is an ace cheerleader. She knows all the right things to say at just the right time. I sort of need her permanently on tap. Funny and talkative, great company. I wish she still lived in Bristol.

Ella Purple Ella

The thing that stands out for me about Ella is her honesty. In doing so touches and supports many others. More than she recognises. I’m very lucky to have Ella in my life and she makes good tea.

Ben Mutterings of a Fool

Ben has been blogging as long as me, a forerunner in Dad blogs. His style is self-depreciating with an eye on the detail that makes parenting special. His opinions are good and his blogging soul is true.

Annie Mammasaurus

Annie, Annie, Annie. Annie is my blogging soul mate. She ‘gets’ me. She has a brilliant spirit and moral compass. If you want an idea or an innovation and you want it now. Annie has already thought of it and created it, beautifully. A great example of a blogging journey.

Lucy Capture by Lucy

Ah Lucy! Why do ordinary when something could be pretty, whimsy, could warm your heart. Lucy is enthusiasm and positivity. It’s obvious from the smallest interaction to the longest post. It’s infectious and gorgeous everyone needs a slice of Lucy in their lives.

Chris Thinly Spread

Wise and wonderful Chris, is steady and steely. A good friend. Chris does hugs and cakes in equal wonderful measure. I admire her parenting and her steadfast self-belief in all that is good. Jermyn Corbyn in blogging form. In my book a very good thing.

Anya Older Single Mum

Anya is someone I keep in touch with, a firm base. Warm, caring and a great voice from women without partners. She puts herself out there and gets women in a similar position to her heard. That matters. Anya has so much to be proud of.

Jane Northern Mum

Hell, where do I start with Jane. My first in real life blogging friend. I feel as if I’ve known Jane for 20 years not 5. She is generous, funny and competitive. Some of my best times over the last 5 years have been with Jane. Oh, she makes me laugh.

When I started this blog I didn’t imagine I’d find so many good people along the way. In the last year it feels as if things have accelerated, blogging has got loud, sometimes shouty and very busy, at times a bit impersonal. The small stuff gets forgotten. I’m hoping this week to put that to one side and celebrate people, celebrate the good stuff.

I’d love you to come back tomorrow and celebrate.



  1. Annie

    Woo Hoo 5!
    *sets off party poppers and throws knickers in the air *

    Lovely list of people and I am honoured to be amongst them. Very much looking forward to following this series of posts X

    Ps. Sorry about the use of the word knickers. Luckily for you I spotted my iPhone had auto-corrected it to ‘knockers’ before it was too late…

  2. Lianne

    Woohooooooo! 5! You still look so young and fresh! Well done, dearest G. I love your blog, and I love it even more since I met you…when I read it now, I can hear your voice telling me the story 😉 
    Happy party time and here’s to 5 more doggy years with lots more happy followers. XXX

  3. Chris @thinlyspread

    Happy Blog Birthday to you! I do feel there needs to be cake. And hugs. You are one of the very best things to come out of my blogging journey, thank you, I shall always remember arm rubbing at Save the Children all those years ago! Thank you so much for including me in this list of totally fabulous people – I’m looking forward to reading more over the next few days! 

  4. Midlife Singlemum

    Happy 5th Blogoversary! I’ve enjoyed almost every minute of it (I started 3 months after you so I missed the first quarter). Heres to the next 5! And thank you for incuding me in your intimate 5 bloggers – I am certain we will meet one day. xxxx

  5. Karen Barlow

    Congratulations Gemma on 5 years of blogging, being consistent, steadfast & true is truly a gift in this small attention span, fickle times we live in! It was so lovely to meet you in person a couple of years ago at Blogon Manchester, you were a great help then and full of advice & wisdom and your energy shone through in the 5 minutes we managed to speak. Love reading your blog, I always make a cup of tea and take time to read it properly and a great read it is! x

  6. Elizabeth Holdsworth

    Happy birthday!! I love that you’ve chosen to celebrate this way. Some of my favourite, most-loved bloggers and some new names to discover. How lovely. I agree that blogging has got a big shouty – a bit brash, and perhaps that’s something to do with so much monetising? Perhaps that’s just how it seems to me. But still, this is the loveliest of ideas. I look forward to reading more this week. 

  7. Ben

    As you well know October 2010 is when all the best blogs started, happy anniversary and I feel very privileged to be the sole man in your list. I fall in and out of love with blogging quite a bit at the moment but I do still love the process of writing and I love this blogging world I’ve discovered by becoming one. 

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