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Everyone loves a party bag full of goodies. The gifts at this party are blogs. I asked my guests to give me the name of a favourite blog, except, I asked for something a bit less obvious. Because, it’s always nice to share an unexpected find and I hope, instead of thinking “yup, I like that one too”, you might think “oooh not heard of that” and click a link and find something new and fabulous.

One of my eternal favourites is Mascara and Mud, beautiful photographs, uncomplicated and from the heart. Perfect snap shots of life and Wales. I do love Wales.

Sarah Mostly Yummy Mummy

My favourite new blog crush is This is Jules. I’ve been following Jules on Instagram for a while now and she has recently started to write a blog. Her photos are out of this world!

Molly Mother’s Always Right

Cardboard Cities. I know that, as a mummy blogger, people probably think I just read other parent blogs, but I also love design and interiors blogs too. Much of my freelance work is writing interiors content, so I love to immerse myself in a beautiful design or interiors blog.

Ella Purple Ella

Career Girl Daily I don’t have a job, so this is a surprising favourite. I find it upbeat, inspirational and has the occasional gem of advice which helps me move forward.

Jane Northern Mum

A blog I read religiously is 25 castles on 25 clouds. The author doesn’t write about parenting, but instead talks about life as a single woman, being on the dating scene, and rabbits….. It matches much of what is going on in my world currently (except the rabbits) and gives me that reassuring “ah that is normal” feeling that you can only get from blogs……

Rachel Midlife Single Mum

Triumph Wellness about living the vegan life.

Ben Mutterings of a Fool

I love Chasing Wilderness written by Adele’s husband, it captures exactly how I want to try and bring my kids up.

Annie Mammasaurus

Fare Isle All good things.

Lucy Capture by Lucy

I LOVE Emily Henderson she’s an American Interiors blogger and super mummy. Very famous but not crazily well known in the UK. Her blog is everything I would love mine to be!

Chris Thinly Spread

The House at Nab End because it is beautifully written, full of the things I love and is written by my best friend’s wife 🙂

Anya Older Single Mum

I’m a fan of Sarah Hague’s – St Bloggie de Riviere – an English lady living in Montpelier, France. I love her recipes and stories of travels on the back of her boyfriend’s motrobike. They go to all sorts of local areas as well as much further afield and it’s amazing the places they can source a picnic of a baguette and some cheese! She writes intelligently and with humour and gave me incredible encouragement when I started out. She often gives me good advice, being divorced with two sons herself and I follow her religiously.

Thanks so much for coming to the party. Mwah! X

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  1. Midlife Singlemum

    You know how every few years you need a wardrobe refresh or makeover? Well I think the same is true of blogs. While I’m not abandoning my old blog friends whom I still adore, I have bookmarked some fo the new blogs above and an looking forward to exploring later, and hopefully making new friends. Thanks for this. xxx

  2. Cerys

    Gemma, diolch for your kind words. I was just coming out of a “what am I doing with this whole blog thing” kind of period {which I think a lot of people are feeling?} and this has just given me the final kick up the arse to just carry on with how it is. Thanks again. Off for a snoop around one or two I’ve not heard of before I read this xxxx

  3. Metropolitan Mum

    So sorry I missed the boat! I have been on holiday and am utterly rubbish at blogging these days. I am not quite sure where and how I fit in at the moment :-/
    I’ll check out the ‘new’ blogs above. I really need a bit of inspiration to get me going again. Blogging used to be so much fun! Love, Dxx

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