Autumn Decisions

Westonbirt Autumn Days out South West

It happened that the day I picked for a long car journey North was one of those bright autumn days. Woman’s Hour on the radio and no one else to object to the fact, the M5 was lined by trees in all their autumn colour. It is not often I find joy on the M5, but the combination of Jane Garvey, sunshine, blue skies and glorious trees was made it thus.

On reflection, I realised I’d not left the limits of Bristol for a bit. Leaves in the gutter and the drop in temperature gives me the grumbles but the fullness of autumn colour had passed me by, this, I decided, must be rectified.

Last year at this time we visited Westonbirt for Autumn colour (another thing I decided is that visiting Westonbirt in the autumn must become an annual event. A ‘thing’ for autumn). The day we visited wasn’t blue skies and sunshine. No matter. Westonbirt is positively theatrical in its colour at this time of year, nothing holds it back, any day is worth a visit.

Westonbirt Autumn colour


Details fascinate me and I don’t think my photography skills can do the drama of the colours justice. Westonbirt has a wonderful collection of ever greens and some of the most dramatically changing trees, Japanese acers which are a flaming red at the moment, sit amongst the very green, it is an assault by primary colour. I was very much in my happy place pottering about photographing individual leaves, while my son chased falling leaves and the Mr. kept us from getting lost.

You can almost see autumn moving through trees and plants, green leaves on the same branch as very yellow, autumn creeping down the branch.



I’m slightly VERY obsessed with hydrangea and I’ve had to stop myself posting reams of photos, I plumped for the contrast of faded grandeur.


Red magnolia pods completely caught my attention. I don’t know if they stay red, there weren’t many on the lower branches and I wondered if people had taken them (I frown on you if you have). The rest of this post is photos of leaves that I loved. The butterfly like leaf is a from a ‘ginkgo biloba fastigiate Maidenhair’ tree. Which, I think is a wonderful name! Instead of looking sadly at the leaves in the gutter, I’m looking up at the colour above, before it’s gone. Westonbirt is definitely the best place for an autumn ‘thing’. If you can get there – GO!!!










Next Monday, I’m aiming to add this to Annie’s We Love Forests link up.


  1. Annie

    How flipping lovely is this?  This is a total zen time of year, like you I could get lost in pottering about, just looking and YES to the hydrangea fixation, I am convinced my memory card groans every time I am within 100 metres of them…

    Have linked you up lovely – thank you x

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