Aromatherapy Associates Revive Range Review

Aromatherapy Associates, Revive Review
In these gloomy months, we all need small indulgences and treats, sliding in moments here and there, for a some ‘self-kindness’. ‘Just for me’ moments. I was asked to review Aromatherapy Associates revive body gel and body scrub. They are gorgeous smelling, high-end products that add a bit of ritual to the day.

I’m not a huge fan of winter and anything that helps me get through the dark months is welcome. Over the last few weeks, as autumn shifts towards winter and on mornings when I feel short of sleep and fraught, I’ve been trying out these products in the shower. Much as I love a long bath, the gel and scrub arrived just when I seem to be constantly grabbing a shower, with one eye on the time.

I wake up and my ‘to do’ list springs immediately to mind, combine that with a struggle to get out of a warm bed to greet the grey and cold. Mornings that stall a little before getting going. I think it’s really important to carve out a little good stuff, ‘just for me’ moments and these products are perfect. They step up a quick shower, to a much more indulgent experience.


Revive Body Scrub

Aromatherapy Associates revive body scrub retails at £32, it’s a treat product. Something special. An invigorating body scrub to exfoliate and revive skin. For use once or twice a week, it contains shea cocoa butter, calming calendula (a derivative of the marigold family) and honey. Blended with quality essential oils with mark out the Aromatherapy Associates brand; grapefruit, rosemary and juniper oil. It promises to energised and give brighter and smoother skin by “sloughing away” dry surface skin. It’s a body product, not a facial.

The beads are tiny and the product smells wonderful, great for once or twice a week, when you have a little more time. I can say, it does make the skin feel softer. I love exfoliates for that reviving stimulus they give, this combined with the scent is lovely.


Body Gel

Sister product to the Body Scrub is the Revive body gel (£33). Is sophisticated and refreshing, with the same invigorating scent and a thick, creme consistency. Take an extra few moments in the shower to massage into damp skin. It promises to even out skin tone and texture “maintain healthy micro circulations”. The gel feels silky on the skin. I didn’t need to use addition moisturiser on my body after my shower. A small ritual for me, a spa moment to pep up winter days.


Essential Oils

Both products contain essential oils, juniper, grapefruit and resonant. Which have a range of benefits, juniper; promotes circulation, helps to overcome fatigue. Grapefruit oil is a stimulant. Rosemary reputed to tone skin and remove dryness. Both products are part of the extensive Aromatherapy Associates range, these products revive at the start of the day, or before an evening out when you need that extra lift to inspire you to leave the house. The Aromatherapy Associates range includes products to relax, de-stress, and nourish.

Leading experts within aromatherapy for over 30 years, Aromatherapy Associates  products can be found in luxury hotels and spas across the world. Founded by Geraldine Howard and Sue Beechey, the products were originally aimed at spas, but it now available on-line and via Selfridges and Liberty London.

Inner Strength

Essential oils have been used for centuries to benefit and heal, I was particularly fascinated by Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength collection. Created by Geraldine during treatment for cancer, while at her lowest ebb, a combination of oils “tailored for strength, courage and a positive frame of mind to enable her to face her fears and continue”. A blend for those “experiencing their own personal trauma, be it divorce, bereavement, redundancy or any profound loss that can challenge the will to keep going”. These are times when self-care and kindness are so important, I thought they would make a very thoughtful gift and reminded me of times when I’ve sat in the bath and had good cry.


My experience of the products was really positive. I loved the scent and feel of the both the gel and the scrub, they would make well received gifts and add a little bit of spa ritual to the everyday.


I was sent these products to review. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Annie

    Ooh these look nice Gemma. I have started having an extra 5 minutes in the bathroom with some fancy eye-bag-cream (ok so it’s got a fancier name than that but you get my jist) and some special soap just for me. It’s a little treat at the start of the day that just makes me feel much nicer! x

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