Intentions December

Intentions December

The Christmas cactus is flowering and the first ‘Lego Star Wars’ Advent door is open and here we are; December. December is great, the sparkly month. This first week is the slow expectation before December becomes completely Christmas,  twinkling fairy lights and giddy excitement, for most people. For us, there is a special event first.

Christmas baubles and silver notebooks

My silver book of Christmas is still to hand, I’m within touching distance of the being completely organised for Christmas. In this house, the tree doesn’t go up until a week before. It is impossible to stem the tide of tinsel, but for most of the month we are about my small boy’s birthday. Eight. Which causes me to draw breath. I think most parents stop before a moment before their child’s birthday and wonder where the time went.  How quickly children change. How hard it is to grasp and keep the tiny details. How sometimes it just creeps up on you. They are still so small and a moment later you catch them in another light and there is a glimpse of a much older child, a flash of the future.

Moving to another city is hard, as much as it is the best decision, it is still often hard. Everyone tells you children are adaptable and my boy has been incredibly adaptable. He has also struggled beyond his depth because we pulled him out of something that suited him well.

Party hats

December is about celebrating him. Funny, smart, kind and thoughtful. A boy that revels in learning. Keen on spellings and homework.  Still stands on the edge because football is too rough.  Loves Lego, Star Wars, animal facts and bad jokes.

A small boy on lots of levels currently thriving. Year 3 and in his third school. This school is the right school and it suits him. The path to here has been at times tricky and it could still be better. He is almost 8 and his awareness and perspective on the world is extending. This weekend we took him back North, he compared it with the fresh eyes of an older more knowing child and declared the North better.  Moving to another city is bloody hard. My expectation is that December will be good to him and in the year that follows more and more will slot into place and what he had in the North he will have here.  Parenting is accentuating the positives and managing the negatives as best you can.

Life Planner

Finding time for me, makes me a better parent. The lull between Christmas and New Year is for looking back and forwards. For the past two years, I’ve completed the Susannah Conway workbook. I find it a really good  for reflecting and planning.  I’ve spent the last couple of months wrestling with various things, including a feeling of being left behind. I’m aiming to shelve all that and enjoy December and come back to it, hopefully feeling less jaded. The power of positive thinking! The life planner book is a good  place to put random thoughts until more head space is available!

More Ideas Than Time

While looking for the ‘life planner’ book, I found the notebook “More ideas than time (& that’s OK)”; never feeling as if I have enough time feels perpetual. Thinking about this and listening to other people and even reading a book on it (do one thing); the thing is, I like being organised, I like details. I like getting the small stuff accomplished. Maybe, I spent too much time on the small things, which is how the big stuff doesn’t get tackled in a way that I’d like. Maybe the details are a form of procrastination. Self-kindness is important; More ideas than time. That’s OK, but In 2016 I want to be better at life.

Violet Bakery

In the last days of November I baked from the Violet Bakery Cook book.  I love the joy of baking, suspending everything for a while and concentrating on creating comfort food. It makes a good break from the whirl of the run-up to Christmas. Birthday cake and Christmas treats, December is for baking; cakes and plans.

What are your intentions for December? 


  1. Penny

    Happy Birthday! Where does the time go, 789 is an age that it making me think so much, new territory here and round the corner. Glad things are going well for him, he’s such a star, we miss him! But North and South are both fab. I loved catching up with you in this post. Lots of this resonates, I just read Happiness by Design, it has really helped me – wonder if it might be up your street too. I also picked up some fab ideas on the small vs big stuff which I have meaning to blog about. Will check out your suggestion too. Wishing you all a fab December, may it be full of the little things which are often the big things xxxx

  2. Over a Cuppa

    What totally gorgeous photo’s of your gorgeous boy! He looks so much fun and bursting with charisma.

    It always hard when they say they like somewhere before rather than where they are now. My two settled as best they can but Oscar said yesterday that Christmas day here we can’t go to the beach…well easily.

    My heart sank a little, as at 14 Christmas in his heart he still wants it to be how it was when he was younger and in his head, well he is 14 so it is just not the same. Which makes me a bit sad.

    I think this year I have seen lots of people with an unsettled feeling, I know I have felt it all year. I don’t like feeling unsettled and really need someone to hand me a map with a least the beginning of a journey!

    Baking of course is wonderful, I too will be baking my way through December. Feeling the house with comforting smells and moments, bliss!

    Enjoy December and we have sunshine today which always is a great motivator xxx

  3. Annie

    My only intention for Christmas is to get everything I need to do done before the kids finish school and after then just enjoy the family time. I am feeling unusually festive which un-nerves me.
    Being ever so nearly 8 is a time when they surprise us with their levels of perception and deep thinking. I don’t think I’ve ever thought as much as when I was a child!

  4. Midlife Singlemum

    Happy Birthday to your 8yo. My daughter just turned 7 today – now I remember that for the past 4 years I’ve noted that you guys are one year ahead of us. December is definitely a time to plan as well as to celebrate. I love the excitement and the possibilities of the New Year on the horizon. 

  5. Emma

    8? How is that possible?

    I love the idea of baking being a break from the  crazy, I need to get to that place, baking is still something I rush and find a bit of a chore, but I know I’d enjoy it so much more if I took the time to enjoy it.

    I hope your gorgeous boy has an amazing birthday and you all have a wonderful magic filled Christmas.

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