Intentions January #16

Intentions for 2016

Here we are 2016. Christmas and New Year here was wonderful. How was yours? I’d like to say we took lots of good winter walks, but most days evolved into pyjamas days. I meant to plan for 2016 instead I sat on the sofa under a blanket listening to old Desert Island Discs, whilst consuming my body weight in cheese and crackers. As it was, I wrote no lists, which as someone who lives by lists was a great un-burdening. For mild exercise I cleaned out cupboards and because de-cluttering and sorting is always good for the soul, all these small things combined meant I slept well and late. It was good and I feel refreshed. Hello 2016!

The year has turned. Last year, each month, I put my intentions for the month in photo form on the kitchen table and wrote a post. I have been toying as to whether to continue with my monthly intentions, while they benefit me, I wondered how interesting they are for people reading this blog. However, over the year I have had positive feedback and I like how they pull me back to where I am and what I want to do. So I am going to continue. It’s January and from all directions it is plans and goals. Less resolutions, people seem a little over ‘resolutions’ as a thing.

I’ve written a post here which outlines what I learnt from a year of monthly intentions.

January is about planning, it is also dark and cold. For me, it’s not a month for austerity, no juicing, diets or Dry January, um no. I’ve baked cake (lemon drizzle FYI), I will eat it all. I am intending to drink more green tea to balance the excessive of December, but I need comfort food for planning and to keep the grimness of January at bay.

Intentions January #16

January for Plans; workbook and a new diary

For the last two years I’ve completed the Susannah Conway unravelling the year workbook, the idea is to come up with a guiding word for the year. I enjoy the way the workbook gets you to reflect back as well as plan forward. It is inspiring and thought provoking. My word last year was ‘create’. I need to spend sometime reminding myself of positive things achieved around that last year.

I’ve treated myself to a new diary, from here. It arrived in lovely spotty tissue paper and I also ordered some inspiration cards, the one in the photo states: ‘Actually, I can’.  I appreciate, that inspirational quotes can be a bit trite. I think any small thing that gives you an extra boost or food for thought is worth it. At the end of last year I really struggled with self-doubt.  It isn’t something I’ve cracked, I am not bursting with self-confidence just because the date changed from 2015 to 2016. However, I have some distance and perspective and I want to try to keep it that way.  I like to think of my self-doubt as a herd of sheep, I aim to stand at the edge of  the field and watch them graze.  Rather than be in the field trying to herd them, while they run in various directions. If that makes sense.

Thank you

Thank you cards for Christmas presents received need to be written (how much Lego can one child own?). They reminded me to spend a sometime being grateful for the year just gone. I found an hour to myself last weekend and retrieved the recently recycled 2015 calendar. Flicking back over the months, weekends and adventures popped out; happy times and that’s what I want to build on for 2016.


lifestyle Live Lagoom Ikea

A big aim this for 2016 is to live more sustainably, I’m part of an IKEA project called Live Lagom. It’s about making the most of your space and saving resources. This is our forever home and I want to make the most of it. It mixes my interest in interiors with my enthusiasm for recycling and sustainable living. Over the next month I will write some more about it and I’ll be changing our lighting over to LED.


January is the lean month cash wise. In January, I like store cupboard eating. Sorting the cupboards and making something from the tins and dried food unloved at the back of the shelf.


Notebook and camera

Two things that make me very happy: The notebook represents planning for the year ahead, I volunteer at a charity and keeping notes on my experience gained, hoping that this year will some some benefit to the time I’ve been giving. My new camera, I’ve not got to grips with it and my aim this month is to make time to get out and play around with it.

Happy 2016

What are your intentions and plans for the year ahead? Inspire me!


  1. Becky | Spirited Puddle Jumper

    Happy New Year, Gemma! Amen to cheese in pyjamas, planning and decluttering, things that feature heavily for me right now! I love reading people’s ‘goal’ lists, and I’m implementing monthly ‘goal’ plans to keep me focused too. In the past I’ve tended to do one big plan at the beginning of the year, and then lose track of everything and it all goes tits up. Not this year! Less booze for me, new job, more zen (ha!). Still more cheese though 🙂 Hope 2016 is a great one for you x

  2. Purple Ella

    I’m glad you’re continuing with these posts. They’re useful for us for inspiration and anything that keeps you focussed and positive has to be a good thing. Totally with you on the no austerity for January plan, why make a grey, dark, cold month any harder to deal with. Let us eat cake I say. 

  3. Penny

    Aly Hodge’s lentil daal is a yummy thing to do with lentils! Lovely pics Gemma, the orange cheers me right up. I like your intentions a lot. And tidying out cupboards was lovely over Christmas, I reckon I need to do a couple more, didn’t know it was exercise!

  4. Emma

    Thank you cards – arrrghhh…  You have just reminded me!   😀   Intentions for us this year are to move.  Not sure when, but could it finally be back home?!?!?   Your Lentil comment made me laugh, I made a lentil bake a few days ago to get rid of a packet of red lentils, nobody liked it apart from me.  

  5. Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely

    OMG, thank you cards!!!!! At what age do children start writing these themselves? That’s one job I can’t wait to handover. There’s no austerity in our house in January either. I’m midway through a week of trying new recipes and none are particularly healthy, although lentils do feature in tonight’s. I’m glad you’re continuing with your intentions, this year. I’ve always enjoyed reading them x

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